March 27, 2024
YouTube Unveils New Guidelines for AI Usage in Content

YouTube Introduces Stricter Guidelines for AI-Generated Content Disclosure

YouTube has unveiled updated community guidelines focusing on the disclosure of artificial intelligence (AI) utilization in content on its video streaming social platform. The platform, in a blog post on Nov. 14, detailed that creators will be mandated to inform viewers when presenting synthetic content, particularly if it has been altered or created using AI tools to realistically depict events or actions that did not occur.

The disclosure will manifest through a new label in the description panel and, for content addressing sensitive topics such as political elections, ongoing conflicts, public health crises, and public officials, a more conspicuous label on the video player. YouTube emphasized collaboration with creators to enhance community comprehension of the guidelines, warning that non-compliance may result in content removal, suspension from the YouTube Partner Program, or other penalties.

The platform also addressed the rising prevalence of AI-generated deep fakes, introducing a feature enabling users to request the removal of synthetic videos simulating identifiable individuals, including their faces or voices, through the privacy request process. Notably, the update acknowledged challenges posed by AI-generated content, extending to the music industry, with YouTube committing to removing AI-generated music or content mimicking an artist’s distinct singing or rapping voice at the request of its music partners.

The platform had earlier articulated its principles for partnering with the music industry on AI technology, a commitment bolstered by the recent introduction of experimental AI chatbots designed to interact with viewers while watching videos. These initiatives reflect YouTube’s ongoing efforts to navigate the intersection of technology, content creation, and viewer engagement.

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