May 15, 2024
Yonsei University Launches Private Metaverse
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Yonsei University Launches Private Metaverse

LG Uplus, a major South Korean telecom provider and LG subsidiary unveils an innovative metaverse experience at Yonsei University, located in Seoul the heart of South Korea.

Source: LG Uplus, via Chosun Biz.

Discovering Meta Yonsei: Virtual Exploration of the Campus

Named “Meta Yonsei,” this immersive metaverse transports users to a digital replica of the Sinchon campus of Yonsei University, meticulously recreating iconic landmarks such as the grand auditorium and sprawling library. With tiered access privileges, students and faculty can navigate through the virtual environment and access many digital resources and private meeting areas tailored to their needs.

Meta Yonsei: Redefining Productivity in the Metaverse

Diverging from the traditional social-centric approach of many metaverse platforms, Meta Yonsei sets itself apart by emphasizing productivity. This unique focus is evident in the array of sophisticated tools integrated into the virtual experience. Students and faculty can engage in collaborative team meetings utilizing virtual workspaces and advanced video/audio conferencing capabilities. Additionally, automated annotation and captioning features enhance communication and facilitate seamless interaction within the metaverse.

Preparing for the Future Workplace

Meta Yonsei’s innovative features not only enhance the educational experience but also serve as a vital preparation for the demands of the modern global workplace. With the prevalence of tools like Google Meet and Zoom, as well as the increasing importance of cross-border collaboration, students gain valuable skills and familiarity with virtual environments. Moreover, the ability to participate in structured check-ins and supervised activities fosters a sense of community and facilitates meaningful engagement among students and faculty.

Image by ChiaJo from Pixabay

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