March 27, 2024
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Worldcoin Addresses Compliance Amid Legal Uncertainty in Spain

Worldcoin, a global digital identity and cryptocurrency initiative, has reaffirmed its commitment to compliance and data protection in the face of growing legal uncertainty in Spain.

In a recent blog post titled “Essential facts about Worldcoin,” the project laid out key aspects of its operations and regulatory adherence. Emphasizing its lawful operation across all available locations, Worldcoin asserted its alignment with global data protection frameworks such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and Argentina’s Personal Data Protection Act.

Worldcoin’s supervisory authorities. Source: Worldcoin

Worldcoin underscored its stringent policies, including age verification procedures to prevent minors from accessing its platform. The project reiterated its stance on data protection, asserting that neither Worldcoin nor its contributor, Tools for Humanity, engages in the sale of personal data, including biometric information.

The platform further highlighted the self-custodial nature of World ID and World App, ensuring that users retain control over their personal information. Detailed security measures within the orb hardware were also emphasized to safeguard data against unauthorized access.

Legal Battles in Spain

Worldcoin’s statement comes amidst ongoing legal battles in Spain. Earlier in March, the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Data imposed a temporary ban on Worldcoin’s operations, citing concerns over data collection and processing. Despite Worldcoin’s efforts to challenge the ban through legal means, a local court ruled against the platform, prolonging the uncertainty surrounding its operations in the country.

Vision and Challenges Ahead

Worldcoin, founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, intends to transform digital ownership and identification on a worldwide scale. But since the project’s official inauguration in July 2023, it has run into opposition from several jurisdictions and regulatory obstacles. Notably, Worldcoin’s plans to expand were made more difficult in August 2023 when it was banned in Kenya due to worries about data privacy. Despite these challenges, Worldcoin remains committed to its vision, with ongoing efforts to navigate regulatory landscapes and resume operations in affected regions, including Spain and Kenya, in the coming months.

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