April 19, 2024
Vinod Khosla foresees AI deflating economy within 25 years

Vinod Khosla foresees AI deflating economy within 25 years

Vinod Khosla, an early backer of OpenAI and founder of Khosla Ventures, envisions artificial intelligence (AI) as a significant force for deflation over the next twenty-five years. In a recent statement, Khosla stated, “AI should be hugely deflationary over twenty-five years.” He further emphasized that during this period, capital would be scarce, traditional measures of GDP and the economy would be less relevant, but goods and services would be abundant.

Khosla, aged 68, is known for his insights into the opportunities and risks associated with AI. His venture capital firm made a historic $50 million investment in OpenAI in 2019, marking the largest investment in the company’s 15-year history.

Addressing concerns about the potential risks of AI, Khosla, on December 12, downplayed the role of AI as a global threat, stating, “The doomers are focusing on the wrong risks. By far, orders of magnitude, higher risk to worry about is China, not sentient AI killing us off.”

Khosla shares common ground with tech luminaries. Elon Musk, introducing Tesla’s AI robot Optimus, forecasted a future marked by economic abundance, envisioning a scenario devoid of poverty. He emphasized limitless access to products and services, portraying it as a fundamental transformation that would reshape civilization profoundly.

Khosla’s views highlight the ongoing discourse about the transformative potential of AI on the global economy. However, concerns and debates persist regarding the risks and ethical considerations associated with the widespread adoption of AI technologies.

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