April 19, 2024
US Players Left in the Dark as Gas Hero NFTs Shine Bright in Global Market

US Players Left in the Dark as Gas Hero NFTs Shine Bright in Global Market

In a recent surge of crypto-powered gaming, Gas Hero, the latest creation from Find Satoshi Lab, has captured attention with its move-to-earn mechanics. Launched on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon, the public beta of Gas Hero has witnessed a remarkable influx of traders investing in various NFT collections, including heroes, items, weapons, pets, and more.

As reported by CryptoSlam, Gas Hero’s “common” heroes alone have generated over $19 million in total NFT volume, with nearly $2.7 million traded in the past 24 hours. Impressively, it currently stands as the top individual NFT project based on sales volume.

However, a noteworthy aspect is that U.S. residents, along with users from 15 other regions, are technically barred from playing Gas Hero. Attempts to access the game from within the U.S. were met with a blockade, as Cloudflare restricted access, citing regulatory and other legal or sanctions-related concerns.

Gas Hero’s Terms of Use explicitly prohibit users from the United States, among other regions, and require players to be over 18 years old. This exclusion echoes the studio’s previous decision in May 2022 when Stepn, another project by Find Satoshi Lab, banned China-based users due to regulatory policies, resulting in a token price plunge.

The province of Ontario in Canada faces similar restrictions, potentially linked to the Ontario Securities Commission’s stance on ICOs being classified as securities. The list of blocked countries raises questions about the varying standards set by different game studios.

Ubisoft’s upcoming Champions Tactics game, for instance, also restricts gameplay in several nations but allows U.S., Canadian, and Indian residents to participate, contrasting Gas Hero’s more extensive list of restrictions.

In response to queries, Gas Hero representatives neither confirmed nor denied regulatory concerns as the reason for blocking U.S. users. Find Satoshi Lab’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mable Jiang admitted intentional IP address blocking for the U.S. and mainland China, suggesting users could use VPNs to bypass restrictions.

While Gas Hero has not been explicitly banned by U.S. regulators, the decision to restrict access raises questions about the regulatory landscape. The studio emphasized that Gas Hero’s limited access in the U.S. is due to the current regulatory environment, hinting at ongoing efforts to make the game available worldwide.

The move to exclude the U.S., a dominant market for blockchain gaming, raises eyebrows, given the potential financial opportunities. The uncertain regulatory status of crypto in the U.S. has led to varied responses from businesses, with some shutting down projects due to regulatory fears, while others, like Coinbase, have engaged with regulators to navigate the complex landscape.

As gamers in Europe and other countries explore blockchain games with fewer restrictions, the decision to self-regulate and exclude U.S. players remains a strategic choice for game studios. U.S. gamers are left with the option to download a VPN or explore games that aren’t subject to such restrictions within their country. The situation highlights the evolving and challenging relationship between blockchain gaming, regulatory uncertainty, and global access.

Image: Wallpapers.com

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