May 25, 2024
Unlocking NFT Potential: Amazon Prime's Gods Unchained Collaboration

Unlocking NFT Potential: Amazon Prime’s Gods Unchained Collaboration

Amazon Prime subscribers are in for an exciting gaming experience as they can now claim free in-game packs for the online trading card game Gods Unchained, thanks to a collaboration with Immutable Games. The monthly rewards, available on the Amazon Prime Gaming portal, include 5 Rare Core Packs and one Core Domain Pack for subscribers to enjoy. This promotion is set to run for six months, providing a fresh collection of free in-game content each month.

It’s essential to note that while Gods Unchained is built around NFTs minted on Immutable X, an Ethereum scaling network, the cards included in the free packs for Amazon Prime subscribers are not initially tokenized as NFTs. These in-game cards will be assigned to the user’s Immutable account. However, the unique game mechanics allow players to potentially convert these cards into tradable NFTs. The game features a “fusion” mechanism where players can combine two or more of the same common “core” in-game cards to create higher-quality NFT versions, tradable via the Immutable X network.

Amazon Prime Gaming has previously collaborated with various NFT games, including NFL Rivals, Mojo Melee, Brawlers, and My Pet Hooligan, offering exclusive in-game content to subscribers. In some instances, the packs include actual NFTs, while others feature non-tokenized items.

This partnership with Amazon Prime comes alongside the launch of Gods Unchained’s second in-game season, Far Horizons. Season 2 introduces fresh gameplay mechanics and an expansion card set named Tides of Fate, featuring a robust collection of 142 cards. While the cards from the Amazon Prime packs are not initially NFTs, the game’s mechanics provide a pathway for players to potentially convert them into tradable NFTs.

Daniel Paez, Vice President and Executive Producer of Gods Unchained at Immutable Games expressed great enthusiasm about the collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming. Paez highlighted that Season 2, with its Far Horizons theme, brings significant changes to the game’s meta and player strategies.

The Tides of Fate expansion introduces new abilities called God Powers and a “mana surge” feature that boosts cards under specific conditions, aligning with the set’s Atlantis theme. The expansion also advances an in-game storyline centred on a battle between mech and dragon factions over powerful crystals.

In addition to these exciting updates, Gods Unchained is launching a program to support content creators. Eligible creators can receive up to 6,000 GODS tokens per month as rewards for sharing videos and strategies, providing an additional layer of engagement for the community.

Currently available on Windows and Mac, Gods Unchained is poised to expand its reach with a planned release on iOS and Android, scheduled for a soft launch later this year. The collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming not only enhances the gaming experience for subscribers but also adds a layer of excitement to the broader NFT gaming landscape.


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