May 23, 2024
United States Election, Crypto Concerns in Swing States
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United States Election: Crypto Concerns in Swing States

A recent survey by the Digital Currency Group (DCG) and The Harris Poll for the United States election indicates that voters’ perspectives on digital assets might significantly influence the upcoming 2024 election.

Survey Insights and Voter Sentiments

The online poll, comprising 1,201 registered voters, revealed that more than two-thirds of respondents somewhat or strongly agreed that “crypto is for people like them and more equitable than the financial system.” Notably, over 90% of respondents from key swing states such as Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Arizona expressed their intention to participate in the 2024 elections, indicating the potential significance of crypto-related issues for candidates in these states.

Blockchain Association CEO Kristin Smith highlighted the survey’s findings, stating, “[D]igital assets have emerged as a significant issue in the upcoming election.” She emphasized that 26% of voters actively consider political candidates’ stances on digital assets when making decisions, underscoring the growing relevance of these issues in shaping the electoral landscape.

Source: Blockchain Association

Varied Perspectives and Ohio’s Stance

While the survey portrayed a generally positive view of crypto among voters, with no significant differences across household income or political party leanings, it noted that 77% of Ohio voters held a more negative attitude towards crypto.

Implications and Political Dynamics

The Senate race in Ohio, featuring Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Bernie Moreno, is expected to be closely contested. Even if Moreno secures victory over Brown in 2024, Democrats could retain a Senate majority and appoint a different candidate for the committee chair.

Public Citizen reported that three crypto-focused political action committees had collectively raised over $100 million to support candidates from both major parties in the upcoming United States election. With control of the U.S. Presidency, House of Representatives (where Republicans currently hold a slim majority), and the Senate (where Democrats have a narrow lead) up for grabs, the 2024 elections are poised to be highly consequential.


As digital assets increasingly infiltrate the political discourse, their impact on voter sentiment and candidate agendas becomes evident. The 2024 elections could witness a significant shift in political dynamics as candidates vie for support from voters with varied views on crypto-related issues.

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