March 27, 2024
Uniswap v4 Set to Launch in Q3 Post Ethereum's Dencun Upgrade
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Uniswap v4 Set to Launch in Q3 Post Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade 

The Uniswap Foundation has unveiled plans for the release of Uniswap v4, the latest version of the decentralized exchange protocol, scheduled to coincide with Ethereum’s anticipated Dencun upgrade. This announcement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to a recent post by the Uniswap Foundation, the project is currently in the “Code Freeze” phase, focusing on core code completion, testing, gas optimization, security enhancements, and finalizing peripheral elements. The foundation emphasized its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of security and reliability, aiming for Uniswap v4 to become the “most rigorously audited code ever deployed on Ethereum.”

As part of the deployment process, Uniswap v4 will undergo scrutiny from audit firms and a community audit contest to verify its integrity. Additionally, the decentralized exchange will be deployed to the testnet for further refinement before its eventual launch on the Ethereum mainnet.

The tentative timeline set forth by the Uniswap Foundation targets the third quarter of 2024 for the official release of Uniswap v4 on the Ethereum mainnet. However, the foundation acknowledges that this timeline is subject to change depending on the progress of the Dencun upgrade on Ethereum.

The Dencun upgrade, which introduces several Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), including EIP-4844 enabling proto-danksharding to reduce layer 2 transaction fees, has been progressing through various testnets. Despite a minor delay during the deployment on the Goerli testnet, subsequent deployments on the Sepolia and Holesky testnets have proceeded smoothly.

Ethereum developer Tim Beiko recently announced that the Dencun upgrade is scheduled to go live on the mainnet at ‘slot 8626176’ on March 13, 2024, at 13:55:35 UTC. This decision was reached following successful testing on the Holesky testnet, demonstrating the Ethereum community’s commitment to advancing the network’s capabilities.

The convergence of Uniswap v4’s launch with the Ethereum Dencun upgrade heralds a new era for decentralized finance, offering users enhanced functionality, improved security, and lower transaction costs. As both projects move closer to fruition, anticipation continues to build within the crypto community for the transformative potential they hold.

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