March 27, 2024
UN Plans to Train 22,000 Staff in Blockchain and Web3
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UN Plans to Train 22,000 Staff in Blockchain and Web3

The United Nations (UN) appears poised to embrace the Web3 revolution as regulations for this burgeoning sector emerge globally. The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has announced plans to establish a blockchain academy in 2024, aiming to train 22,000 staff members in blockchain and Web3 technologies to support countries in achieving their sustainable development goals.

As a branch of the UN dedicated to alleviating poverty, the UNDP seeks to empower its staff across 170 nations with knowledge on utilizing blockchain for enhancing digital identity applications, real-world asset tokenization, ensuring transparency in supply chains, and promoting financial inclusion.

In collaboration with the Algorand Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting the eco-friendly blockchain Algorand, the UNDP aims to equip its team with the necessary tools to address global challenges using blockchain technology. Robert Pasicko, UNDP’s expert for alternative finance and low carbon development, announced this initiative at the Algorand Impact Summit in New Delhi on November 30.

The Algorand Blockchain Academy will offer recorded lectures, interactive workshops, and hands-on assignments to UNDP staff members, with plans to enter beta mode between January and March 2024, gradually expanding thereafter. This initiative is particularly timely as nations worldwide are exploring the Web3 sector, aligning with emerging regulations.

In Europe, the MiCA framework gained approval in October, focusing on consumer protection, preventing market manipulation, and addressing financial crimes in the crypto sector. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have implemented their crypto laws, while G20 members are following the recently finalized crypto roadmap under India’s presidency.

These regulatory efforts aim to ensure the safety of individuals entering the industry, considering the potential creation of thousands of jobs worldwide as the Web3 sector continues to grow.

Photo by Xabi Oregi

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