June 14, 2024
Ukraine Unveils AI Regulation Roadmap

Ukraine Unveils AI Regulation Roadmap

Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation unveiled its regulatory roadmap for artificial intelligence (AI) on October 7th. The roadmap, accessible on the ministry’s website, outlines its objectives, which include aiding local companies in preparing for legislation similar to the European Union’s AI Act and educating citizens about safeguarding against AI-related risks.

The roadmap is designed with a bottom-up approach, suggesting a progression from less to more regulation. It aims to equip businesses with the necessary tools to adapt to future legal requirements before any new laws are enacted. The roadmap allows for a preliminary period, spanning the next two to three years, to enable companies to adjust to potential regulations. Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Oleksandr Borniakov explained:

“We plan to create a culture of business self-regulation in several ways. In particular, by signing voluntary codes of conduct that will testify to companies’ ethical use of AI. Another tool is a White Paper that will familiarize businesses with the approach, timing, and stages of regulatory implementation.”

According to the roadmap, the draft of Ukrainian AI legislation is anticipated in 2024 but not before the EU’s AI Act is taken into account.

In June, the EU AI Act received approval from the European Parliament. Once implemented, this act will ban certain AI services and products while imposing limits or restrictions on others.

Technologies that will be outright banned include biometric surveillance, social scoring systems, predictive policing, “emotion recognition,” and untargeted facial recognition systems. Generative AI models, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, will be permitted to operate as long as their outputs are clearly labeled as AI-generated.

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