May 22, 2024
UK Minister Urges Swift Action on Stablecoin
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UK Minister Urges Swift Crypto Legislation Amid Political Shifts

Economic Secretary Bim Afolami, a prominent UK minister, has underscored the pressing need for implementing stablecoin and staking secondary legislation in the United Kingdom soon. Afolami stated during the Financial Times Crypto and Digital Asset Summit that the current government has limited time to enact crucial crypto-related measures amidst looming elections.

Stablecoins and Staking: Key Priorities

Afolami reiterated, “What I’m very confident we’ll be able to achieve is the secondary legislation around staking and stablecoins. Those two things are absolute priorities in the coming weeks and months.” Stablecoins, which are digital tokens pegged to various assets, such as fiat currencies, have garnered significant attention in the crypto space due to their potential impact on financial systems.

The UK Minister plans to outline the next steps later this year, recognizing the time constraints posed by the upcoming elections. The ruling Conservative Party, keen on establishing the UK as a crypto hub, aims to introduce new legislation covering stablecoins, staking, crypto custody, and exchanges by July.

Challenges Amidst the Political Landscape

However, political dynamics add complexity to these plans. Recent local election results showcased a notable shift towards the Labour Party, posing challenges for the Conservatives. According to BBC data, Labour secured 1,158 local councilor seats, gaining 186 seats, while the Conservatives, facing a setback, obtained 515 seats and lost 474. This development highlights the evolving political landscape and its potential impact on legislative agendas.


The urgency to implement stablecoin and staking regulations reflects the evolving crypto landscape in the UK. With limited time before elections, balancing political priorities with regulatory imperatives remains a critical task for the government. Afolami’s emphasis on these priorities underscores the ongoing efforts to establish a comprehensive framework for cryptographic activities in the country.

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