July 24, 2024
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UAE Crypto Regulations Raise Concerns, Says Legal Expert

Crypto and blockchain lawyer Irina Heaver has raised concerns over newly introduced regulations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Heaver suggested that they could effectively prohibit crypto payments within the country.

Irina Heaver cautions about new regulations introduced in the UAE. Source: Irina Heaver

New Regulations and Their Impact

On June 5, the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE) board approved the payment token services regulations as part of the country’s financial infrastructure program. These regulations aim to oversee and license stablecoins. They stipulate that payment tokens must be backed by UAE dirhams and cannot be linked to other currencies.

According to Heaver’s explanation, these regulations expressly prohibit the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in exchange for products and services. This is unless they meet certain requirements, like being registered as foreign payment tokens or licensed dirham payment tokens. Currently, neither type exists.

Economic Implications and Industry Concerns

Heaver expressed concerns that these crypto regulations may contradict the UAE’s traditionally pro-commerce and pro-investment stance, which has historically attracted significant foreign direct investment.

Furthermore, she highlighted the potential impact on the UAE’s ambitions in the digital economy. Thus, suggesting that the restrictions on stablecoins like Tether could hinder progress in the crypto sector.

Advocacy and Industry Representation

In contrast to countries like Switzerland, where industry associations like the Crypto Valley Association advocate for favorable regulatory environments, Heaver noted a lack of unified representation in the UAE’s crypto industry. She emphasized that without a collective voice to challenge regulations, policies may not sufficiently consider the industry’s growth and development needs.

Heaver concluded by underscoring the importance of industry advocacy in shaping regulations that support rather than stifle innovation in Web3 and crypto within the UAE.

Overall, the implications of these regulations remain significant for the UAE’s position in the global digital economy. Thus, potentially influencing investor confidence and industry development moving forward.

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