May 8, 2024
Stronger AI oversight

U.K. Government Urged for Stronger AI Oversight

The United Kingdom government faced scrutiny following a parliamentary report on artificial intelligence (AI), which emphasized the need for closer intervention in AI oversight.

The House of Lords report, issued in February, highlighted concerns over the government’s narrow focus on high-stakes AI safety, potentially hampering international competitiveness.

Calls for Expanded Copyright Legislation and Governance Measures

In response to the report, Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology Michelle Donelan affirmed that the government’s AI oversight aligns with most parliamentary recommendations.

However, Baroness Stowell of Beeston urged the government to surpass its current stance on copyright infringement and market competition in AI.

Furthermore, Stowell emphasized the necessity for updated copyright legislation. She expressed disappointment in the government’s commitment to enhanced governance measures for AI standards and policy decisions.

U.K. Implements Stricter Crypto Regulations

In a separate development, the U.K. government authorized the National Crime Agency and police to take swift action against cryptocurrencies linked to criminal activities.

Home Secretary James Cleverly emphasized the need to prevent criminals from profiting illegally. He citied instances of crypto fundraising by groups like Daesh.

Moreover, these measures were implemented following the passage of a crime bill in 2023. They enabled authorities to seize, freeze, and destroy cryptocurrency assets associated with criminal proceedings without formal arrests.

The U.K. government’s response to parliamentary inquiries signals growing acceptance of regulatory reforms for AI and cryptocurrency. These efforts aim to ensure national security and combat illegal activities facilitated by emerging technologies.

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