June 24, 2024
Turkey Crypto Tax
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Turkey: No Crypto Profit Tax, Mulls Transaction Levy

No Plans for Crypto Profit Taxation

Turkey has announced that it will not impose taxes on profits from stocks and cryptocurrencies. However, the government is contemplating a “very limited” transaction tax on these assets. Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek conveyed this information in an interview with Bloomberg in Ankara. “Our aim is to leave no area untaxed in order to provide justice and effectiveness in taxation,” Şimşek emphasized, though he did not specify the potential size of the proposed transaction tax.

Historical context and current developments

In 2008, Turkey significantly reduced its tax rate on stock market profits from 10% to 0%. Recently, Bloomberg reported on June 4 that Turkish authorities were planning to introduce a tax on gains from stock and cryptocurrency trading. During a weekend meeting, Minister Şimşek highlighted the necessity of taxing all financial income appropriately. Currently, Turkey lacks specific regulations for taxing cryptocurrencies, but efforts are underway to establish a legal framework for digital assets.

New Legislation for the Crypto Market

On May 16, Turkey’s ruling party proposed a new bill to regulate the crypto market. This legislation mandates that crypto businesses obtain licenses and adhere to international standards, including regulation by capital markets boards. The bill also requires revenue collection from crypto service providers and bans foreign crypto brokers to foster a locally regulated ecosystem. This move aims to address concerns from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and remove Turkey from the regulator’s “gray list.”

Market setter

Turkey’s significant presence in the global cryptocurrency market is evident, ranking fourth worldwide in estimated trading volume at $170 billion in 2023, according to Chainalysis data. Despite prohibiting payments using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin since 2021, Turkey continues to actively work on creating a comprehensive regulatory environment for digital assets. By denying a tax on crypto profits while considering a limited transaction levy, Turkey aims to balance effective taxation with the promotion of a robust and regulated cryptocurrency market.

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