July 24, 2024
Trump Claims One of His Speeches Was Altered by AI

Trump Claims One of His Speeches Was Altered by AI

Former President Trump, known for his skepticism towards artificial intelligence (AI), recently disclosed that he had utilized AI technology to rewrite one of his speeches, despite finding the technology “alarming.” Speaking on Logan Paul’s podcast “Impaulsive,” Trump expressed his fascination and concerns about AI, highlighting its capabilities and implications.

Trump’s Encounter with AI Technology

Trump shared his experience of having a speech rewritten by AI in a matter of seconds during a demonstration by “one of the top people.” He marveled at the technology’s ability to produce beautifully written content quickly, foreseeing potential impacts on professions like speechwriting. Despite acknowledging its potential for good, Trump reiterated his apprehensions, describing AI as “a little bit scary” due to its rapid and impressive capabilities.

Concerns and Scenarios

During his interview, Trump delved into his broader concerns about AI, emphasizing its potential dangers. He recalled encountering AI-generated images and voices so realistic that he struggled to distinguish them from reality, which he found unsettling. Trump also discussed the risks of AI being used deceptively in political campaigns and international affairs, highlighting the potential for AI-generated deepfakes to cause global chaos.

Trump’s conversations with tech industry leaders, including discussions on AI during meetings in California, further underscored his mixed feelings. He expressed awe at the technological advancements demonstrated to him, including AI’s ability to create convincing commercials and simulate human voices seamlessly. Trump also sought reassurance from Elon Musk regarding the security risks posed by AI, particularly in scenarios involving misinformation or international conflicts.

Environmental and Technological Competition

In addition to security concerns, Trump lamented regulatory hurdles and environmental concerns that could impede the United States’ progress in harnessing AI compared to countries like China. He emphasized the need for substantial electricity to power AI technologies, framing it as a potential obstacle in America’s technological advancement race.

Trump concluded with cautious optimism about the future of AI, acknowledging its potential as “powerful stuff” while urging careful consideration of its implications. His remarks on AI reflect a blend of fascination with its capabilities and deep-seated concerns about its misuse and potential consequences on global stability and technological competition.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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