July 16, 2024
Trader Misses $1M Opportunity by Selling Solana Memecoin Early
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Trader Misses $1M Opportunity by Selling Solana Memecoin Early

Split Opinions Emerge Among Crypto Community Members

A trader’s decision to offload a frog-themed memecoin on the Solana network prematurely cost them a potential windfall of nearly $1 million. The individual, identified only by the wallet address “shatter.sol,” sold the tokens a day before their value skyrocketed, turning an $8,000 investment into approximately $131,000, missing out on the chance to cash in on what would have been around $1 million.

 Source: Solscan

Initial Investment and Missed Opportunity

Blockchain analytics firm Lookonchain flagged the remarkable trade, revealing that the trader had initially invested 50 SOL in the newly launched Solana memecoin, Book of Meme (BOME), acquiring approximately 170 million tokens. Despite selling them for $131,000 as prices surged, had the trader held onto the tokens, they would have been worth approximately $993,000 the following day, as per CoinGecko data.

Split Opinions in the Crypto Community

Reactions among members of the crypto community were divided. While one observer lamented that the trader had “fumbled” generational wealth, another adopted a more pragmatic stance, asserting that “profit is profit.”

Source: Lookonchain on X

Mixed Fortunes in the Crypto Market

Despite one trader’s misfortune, others have experienced remarkable success. Influencer Moataz Elsayed, known as “Eljaboom,” claimed to have witnessed a wallet address turn an $80,000 investment into $5.7 million in just 48 hours. This success mirrored a presale investment made by an anonymous trader, Sunday Funday, who declared themselves the foremost tokenholder.

Project Origins and Future Plans

The Book of Meme project was initiated by Darkfarms, a pseudonymous art producer, who expressed surprise at the overwhelming participation in the memecoin’s presale. Despite the project’s experimental nature and unconventional allocation, Darkfarms revealed plans to strategize the creation of pools with robust liquidity following the surge in interest.

Solana Ecosystem Dynamics

The Solana ecosystem witnessed renewed interest in November 2023, propelling the token’s price by 80%. This resurgence led to a frenzy of Solana memecoin launches, with tokens such as Bonk, Dogwifhat, and Silly Dragon experiencing substantial gains.


As the crypto market continues to evolve, traders navigate a landscape rife with opportunities and risks, each decision potentially shaping their financial fortunes.

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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