April 1, 2024
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Top 15 Rising NFT Artists to Follow in 2024

As the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) continues to evolve, a new wave of talented artists is making waves within the digital art community. These creators not only push the boundaries of traditional art but also redefine the concept of ownership and value through blockchain technology. Miami Crypto brings you the top 10 rising NFT artists to follow and keep an eye out for in 2024, each bringing a unique perspective and innovative approach to the world of digital art.

1. Signalnoise (James White)

Image: Signalnoise/ X

James White, known by his pseudonym Signalnoise, is a Canadian luminary who orchestrates a symphony of neon colors and 80s aesthetics in his retro-futuristic digital art. With a portfolio adorned by collaborations with Nike, Lego, and Metallica, White’s NFTs on platforms like SuperRare and Foundation are a testament to his prowess in blending pop culture references into mesmerizing visual spectacles.

2. Baeige (Jo-Anie Charland)

Image: Baeige/ X

Transporting us into serene and surreal realms, 3D artist Jo-Anie Charland, under the moniker Baeige, crafts interior design sceneries suffused with tranquility. Her inspirations drawn from travels, dreams, and emotions emanate through neutral tones and breathtaking vistas, inviting viewers into immersive experiences.

3. Amrit Pal Singh

Image: amritpaldesign/ Instagram

Amrit Pal Singh‘s ‘toy face’ style NFTs metamorphose iconic characters from cinema, history, and pop culture into minimalist toy renditions. His imaginative transformations of figures like Daft Punk and Van Gogh redefine the boundaries of artistic expression in the NFT domain.

4. Sasha Stiles

Image: sashastiles.com

Pioneering the fusion of poetry and programming, Sasha Stiles engineers generative literature NFTs. Her creations spark a dialogue between artist intent and algorithmic interpretation, birthing captivating narrative art that challenges conventional perceptions.

5. Pak

Image: muratpak/ X

An enigmatic figure reigning as the highest-grossing NFT artist globally, Pak, formerly known as Murat Pak, uses abstract and conceptual creations that probe the very fabric of value, ownership, and identity. Remaining anonymous while reshaping the digital art landscape for two decades, Pak’s work resonates powerfully across the NFT community.

6. Dirty Robot (Daniel Isles)

Image: DirtyRobotWorks/ X

Daniel Isles, alias Dirty Robot, captivates audiences with vibrant hues, quirky characters, and sleek geometries, delving deep into themes of identity, technology, and the future. His artistry, showcased on platforms like SuperRare and OpenSea, embodies a captivating fusion of colors and concepts.

7. Ed Balloon

Image: edballoon/ Instagram

Renowned for his multifaceted creativity spanning music, NFT art, and community leadership, Ed Balloon‘s stop motion art featuring the adventurous Ed B traversing diverse landscapes truly captivates audiences. His presence on platforms like OpenSea and LooksRare reflects his authentic voice in the NFT sphere.

8. Cath Simard

Image: cathsimrad.com

Canadian-born photographer and digital artist Cath Simard seamlessly blends reality and imagination in her composite landscapes. Her evocative creations showcased on platforms like SuperRare and Foundation, weave together disparate images to evoke powerful emotions and narratives.

9. Iman Europe

Image: ImanEurope/ X

Iman Europe is not just a singer-songwriter but also a pioneering NFT artist in the realm of music and sound. As the Head of Artist Relations at Sound, her NFTs on platforms like OpenSea and Voice reflect her innovation in marrying music with blockchain technology.

10. Emonee LaRussa

Image: em0n33y/ Instagram

Emmy Award-winning director & animator Emonee LaRussa‘s music visuals for acclaimed artists resonate with a unique artistic flair. Her commitment to nurturing aspiring digital artists through JumpStart Designers underscores her impact beyond her NFTs on platforms like Voice and OpenSea.

11. Beeple

Image: Wikipedia

Beeple, more known to friends and family as Mike Winkelmann, is that digital artist who sets the world on fire with his project “Everydays: the First 5000 Days.” He shows here 5,000 of his daily works that he had been creating for more than 14 years. The previous record had been at $69 million, which guaranteed him this Beeple’s unique blend of art and technology continues to shape the NFT landscape, inspiring artists globally.

12. Trevor Jones

Image: trevorjonesart/ Instagram

NFT artist Trevor Jones created a stir, with the $3.2 million sale of “Bitcoin Angel” and the novel strategy of auctioning off actual paintings in addition to NFTs. His generosity was evident when he gave a record-breaking £140,000 to Maggie’s Edinburgh. In the NFT community, Jones is a prime example of both artistic talent and charity.

 13. 3LAU

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Justin Blau, also going by 3LAU, was a trailblazer in the music industry when it came to integrating NFTs with blockchain technology. With one album generating $11.6 million and joint artwork earning $1.33 million, his NFT sales exceeded $12.7 million. The music and NFT spaces were greatly touched by 3LAU’s novel approach. 

14. Jose Delbo

Image: @Jose_Delbo/ Twitter

Famous comic book artist Jose Delbo entered the NFT space later, yet he had a big impact. His comics that were converted into NFTs have had a notable increase in value after 2020, with an average price of $2,884.53. Working with Trevor Jones, his artwork has brought in over $8 million, establishing him as a significant participant in the comic book NFT market.


Image: @XCOPYART/ Twitter

Despite producing relatively few NFTs—1,907 at an average of more than $5,000—XCOPY, an anonymous NFT artist, has had a significant influence, amassing about $12 million. His work “Death Dip” brought in $1.8 million at auction, and his social media following has led to more sales and more exposure; pieces are currently fetching up to $1.2 million.

As we embark on this new year, these 15 trailblazing artists beckon us into a realm where creativity knows no bounds, inviting us to witness the evolution of artistry and expression through the mesmerizing canvas of NFTs. Keep an eye on these rising luminaries reshaping the future of digital art.

Disclaimer: The ranking is not indicative of superiority; each artist contributes uniquely to the vibrant tapestry of NFT art.

Image: Rawpixel

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