June 24, 2024
The Grand Theft Auto Saga: Netflix's Potential Involvement
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The Grand Theft Auto Saga: Netflix’s Potential Involvement

Netflix is expanding its streaming services beyond movies and television shows to include video games, and a Wall Street Journal article this week suggests that the streaming service has started negotiations with Grand Theft Auto’s publisher, Take-Two Interactive, to license one of their games.

A representative for Netflix, however, claimed that a Grand Theft Auto game on Netflix is now little more than “rumours” and “speculation.” The industry leader in streaming chose not to add any further information.

Fans have been speculating about the Grand Theft Auto 6 game’s protagonists, setting, and potential inclusion of cryptocurrency this year as a result of the suspense around its upcoming release. While the cryptocurrency allegations are unproven rumours, leaks have provided some information about the early development plans for the game, such as the likelihood that GTA 6 will take place in Vice City, a Miami-inspired setting.

Over 70 playable titles have been released by Netflix for both mobile devices and TVs as part of its ongoing push into the gaming industry. Others of its games can be accessed from a TV or computer, while some of them are available as downloadable apps for Netflix customers. For iOS users, Netflix has also made a straightforward gaming controller app that enables gamers to use their smartphone as a touchscreen controller.

So that its fans don’t have to buy gear to enjoy the streamer’s games, Netflix stated in August that it had no intentions of producing its exclusive game controller.

As part of its growing foray into the gaming market, Netflix has released over 70 playable titles for mobile devices and TVs. While some of its games are accessible via downloading apps for Netflix subscribers, others may be played from a TV or computer. Netflix has also created a simple gaming controller software for iOS users to use their phone as a touchscreen controller.

In August, Netflix said it had no plans to create its proprietary gaming controller so that customers wouldn’t have to acquire equipment to play the streamer’s games.

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