April 19, 2024
The Dark Side of Crypto: Bitcoin and Murder-for-Hire Schemes
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The Dark Side of Crypto: Bitcoin and Murder-for-Hire Schemes

A doctor from Georgia named Dr. James Wan pleaded guilty to using Bitcoin to plan a murder-for-hire scheme on the dark web. He believed that Bitcoin’s anonymity concealed the nefarious scheme, which comprised paying a hitman to fabricate the death of his girlfriend during an attempted carjacking.

Wan will be sentenced in front of a federal judge in January 2024.

The doctor (not the famed director known for the “Saw” franchise), according to the U.S. Department of Justice, hired a hitman on the dark web to kill his lover.

According to the DOJ, his foray into the dark web started in April 2022 when he began painstakingly planning the murder of his girlfriend by supplying specific data, including her Facebook account and the description of her automobile. After Wan had to resubmit a payment since he’d used the incorrect cryptocurrency wallet address, the agreement was to be finalized with many Bitcoin payments that together amounted to about $24,200.

It didn’t go as well as Dr. Wan could have liked during the procedure. He first made an effort to obtain the murder-for-hire contract by sending a 50% down payment in Bitcoin, or around $8,000, to an escrow wallet. The money was transmitted to the wrong wallet address during this initial transaction, which caused problems.

Wan submitted another $8,000 Bitcoin transaction a week later to make sure the escrow account had enough funds to fulfil the contract. The DOJ said that after that, he began posing inquiries on the marketplace’s forum: “How soon should work be done?  I have submitted an Order and am curious about how quickly it should be carried out.  Is there a way I can find out any progress?  If there is anyone in my location?”

He was impatient, but the plan never materialized.

“Despite his cowardly concealment on the dark web, Wan’s cold-hearted murderous plot was averted due to the exceptional work of our team. He will now face the full consequences of the criminal justice system,” Keri Farley, Special Agent in Charge of FBI Atlanta, stated in a press release.

Wan is not the first person who tried to hire a hitman using Bitcoin. After a 41-year-old Utah man paid $16,000 in Bitcoin for a double homicide in 2021, the FBI accused him. In the same year, an Italian guy sent a hitman $12,000 worth of cryptocurrencies in exchange for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. He instructed the hitman to “throw acid in her face, but without blinding her.”

A Nevada lady who used Bitcoin to pay a hitman to kill her ex-husband was given a 5-year prison term earlier this year. Another lady in Tennessee was charged in June with trying to hire a hitman to kill the wife of a friend she met on Match.com. The hitman demanded payment in Bitcoin.

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