April 19, 2024
Tether Ventures Beyond Stablecoins with New Divisions
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Tether Ventures Beyond Stablecoins with New Divisions

Tether’s latest move involves the launch of four new business divisions: Tether Data, Tether Finance, Tether Power, and Tether Edu. This strategic expansion aims to widen Tether’s mission through the provision of various infrastructure solutions, investments, and services.

Source: Tether

The Four New Divisions

Tether Data: This division will prioritize strategic investments in advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and peer-to-peer platforms, such as Holepunch, Keet, and Pear Runtime

Tether Finance: Serving as the hub of Tether’s traditional stablecoin products and financial services, Tether Finance aims to democratize the global financial system.

Tether Power: Targeting the development of Tether’s mining and energy efforts, this division underscores Tether’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Tether Edu: With a focus on digital education and blockchain adoption, Tether Edu aims to promote awareness and skills development in blockchain technology globally.

CEO’s Vision

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino emphasized the company’s commitment to pioneering inclusive infrastructure solutions, stating, “We disrupted the traditional financial landscape with the world’s first and most trusted stablecoin.” Ardoino added, “With this evolution beyond our traditional stablecoin offerings, we are ready to build and support the invention and implementation of cutting-edge technology that removes the limitations of what’s possible in this world.”

Tether’s Milestones

Founded in 2014, Tether is a prominent player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, operating the largest stablecoin by market capitalization and trading volumes. In March 2024, Tether reached a significant milestone with an all-time high market value of $100 billion. Beyond USDT, Tether offers a variety of other stablecoins, including EURT, CNH₮, and XAUt.

Source: CoinGecko

Beyond Stablecoins

Tether’s restructuring reflects its ongoing efforts to diversify beyond stablecoins. In recent years, the company has entered the Bitcoin mining industry, launched educational initiatives in blockchain technology, and accumulated significant holdings of Bitcoin.

Forward Momentum

In February 2024, Tether unveiled an educational branch aimed at providing courses and workshops for blockchain skill development. Additionally, Tether has been actively accumulating Bitcoin, with holdings reaching 75,354 BTC as of March 31, 2024.


As Tether continues to innovate and expand its offerings, its restructuring signals a bold step towards shaping the future of finance and technology beyond the realm of stablecoins.

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