April 19, 2024
Tesla Humanoid Robot, 30% Faster, 22 Pounds Lighter Upgrade
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Tesla Humanoid Robot: 30% Faster, 22 Pounds Lighter Upgrade

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has introduced the latest prototype of the company’s humanoid robot, Optimus Gen 2, showcasing its capabilities in dancing and performing squats. Musk presented a video demonstration of Optimus Gen 2 via his X account on December 13, revealing that this new iteration is lighter and faster than its predecessors.

According to the video presentation, Optimus Gen 2 is 22 pounds lighter than the previous version, Optimus Gen 1. The robot’s foot construction mimics the human anatomy, resulting in enhanced balance and improved full-body control, demonstrated through a series of squats in the video. Optimus Gen 2 is also equipped with tactile sensing on all fingers, enabling it to manipulate delicate objects, as illustrated by its ability to pick up and delicately handle an egg.

The unveiling of the Optimus Gen 2 follows Tesla’s initial foray into humanoid robots in 2022. The prototype struggled to walk forward and had visible internal components, while another version required assistance from staff to remain upright. By the spring of 2023, Musk released a video showcasing the next generation of Tesla-made robots, demonstrating improved mobility and the ability to retrieve objects from one container and place them into another.

Elon Musk has advocated for increased regulatory oversight of artificial intelligence (AI), expressing concerns that AI could surpass human intelligence in various domains. In December, Musk suggested that a “digital god” could render copyright lawsuits related to AI irrelevant. Musk has consistently predicted the arrival of artificial general intelligence before 2030, a timeline contested by many industry experts who find it overly optimistic.

Photo by Pixabay

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