July 21, 2024
Tenstorrent's game-changing collaboration with Samsung's chip division

Tenstorrent and Samsung Forge Groundbreaking AI Chiplet Partnership

Canadian startup Tenstorrent, known for its artificial intelligence (AI) processors and other innovations, has unveiled a new collaboration with Samsung’s chip manufacturing division.

On October 2, Tenstorrent made the partnership announcement with Samsung, expressing its intention to utilize it to launch the next generation of AI chiplets into the market. Tenstorrent specializes in producing chips and intellectual property (IP) for data centers.

This partnership entails the utilization of Samsung’s cutting-edge manufacturing processes, specifically the SF4X process and 4nm architecture, for the production of their next-generation chips. As indicated in the announcement, the resulting product will be a chiplet designed to be integrated with other chiplets within a single package.

Jim Keller, Tenstorrent’s CEO, articulated the objective of developing high-performance computing and delivering these solutions to customers worldwide.

In August, Tenstorrent successfully closed a $100 million funding round, with significant contributions from Samsung and automotive giant Hyundai. At that time, Tenstorrent specified that the funds would be directed towards expediting product development and design, enhancing AI chiplets, and establishing a roadmap for machine learning software. This development occurs amidst intense competition to create the most powerful AI chips for advanced AI systems.

Presently, Nvidia dominates the chip development and performance sectors. Earlier in 2023, the company briefly surpassed a market valuation of $1 trillion during the AI boom.

However, Nvidia has recently faced scrutiny from French authorities in an antitrust investigation. Following a general inquiry into the cloud computing sector by French antitrust authorities, local law enforcement raided Nvidia’s offices.

On October 2, in the aftermath of the events in France, the European Commission stated that European Union antitrust regulators had not initiated a formal investigation into AI chips, according to a report by Reuters.

Meanwhile, in the United States, regulatory authorities have been actively seeking greater control over the industry. In October 2022, they imposed a ban on exporting high-level Nvidia technology to China and have since tightened their measures. Nvidia, being an American company, is subject to these U.S. regulations and restrictions.

The United States recently entered into a multibillion-dollar agreement with Vietnam, a traditional trading partner of China and a former U.S. adversary, concerning AI chips and technology.

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