March 27, 2024
Telegram Nears Profitability Threshold, Contemplates IPO, Reveals Owner Durov
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Telegram Nears Profitability Threshold, Contemplates IPO, Reveals Owner Durov

Pavel Durov Discusses Telegram’s Financial Future

Pavel Durov, co-founder of messaging service Telegram, recently granted his first interview since 2017, shedding light on the company’s future financial prospects. Amid discussions of a potential IPO, Durov revealed his aspirations for Telegram to achieve profitability, with hopes pinned on the upcoming year.

Path to Profitability and Monetization Efforts

Durov disclosed that Telegram has initiated monetization efforts and aims to become profitable as early as next year, if not sooner. Despite receiving offers from investors valuing the company at over $30 billion, Durov sees an IPO as an opportunity to democratize access to Telegram’s value, emphasizing the company’s commitment to its users and the broader community.

Potential IPO Details and Strategies

Sources suggest that Telegram is considering a listing in the United States once profitability is achieved, with plans to leverage its growing user base and market presence. Additionally, Telegram has raised $2 billion through bond issues since 2021, offering bondholders a discount on the IPO if floated before March 2026. Inspired by Reddit’s approach, Telegram also contemplates offering shares to “loyal” users during the IPO.

Expansion Efforts and Advertising Platform Launch

In a bid to diversify revenue streams, Telegram recently launched an advertising platform operating on the TON blockchain. Channel owners stand to benefit from 50% of total advertising revenue generated through displaying ads on their channels. These strategic moves align with Telegram’s goal of bolstering financial stability and sustaining growth amidst intensifying competition in the messaging service sector.

Source: @KevinRothrock on X

Telegram’s Position in the Messaging Landscape

With a user base of 900 million and approximately 50 employees, Telegram stands as the fourth-largest messaging service globally, according to statistics cited by the Financial Times. Durov’s entrepreneurial journey, from co-founding Vkontakte to navigating Telegram’s evolution, underscores his vision for the company’s continued success and resilience in the digital realm.

Navigating Financial Waters in Pursuit of Growth

As Telegram charts its course towards potential IPO and profitability, Durov’s strategic vision and commitment to innovation remain central to the company’s trajectory. With monetization efforts underway and expansion initiatives in full swing, Telegram seeks to solidify its position as a key player in the messaging landscape while unlocking new avenues for financial growth and value creation.


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