May 24, 2024
Team Liquid Enters NFT Gaming Arena with Illuvium Collaboration

Team Liquid Enters NFT Gaming Arena with Illuvium Collaboration

In a groundbreaking move at the intersection of esports and blockchain gaming, Team Liquid, a prominent esports organization, has announced its collaboration with Illuvium, the NFT game that was recently launched in early access.

Team Liquid founder and co-CEO, Victor Goossens, shared the exciting news on Wednesday, revealing the organization’s role in testing and advising on the turn-based, player-vs-player (PVP) creature auto battler experience within Illuvium. Goossens expressed the organization’s admiration for the game’s quality, stating, “We’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the game from what we’ve seen so far.”

Notable Team Liquid members, including League of Legends player “Broxah” and content creator “Midbeast,” are set to explore Illuvium as part of the collaboration. According to Goossens, the organization is confident that Illuvium will reward skill and strategy, aligning with the competitive nature of games in which Team Liquid is actively involved.

Team Liquid, having secured $35 million in funding last year at a valuation of $415 million, aims to contribute to Illuvium’s esports development. The collaboration includes co-hosting an esports tournament in 2024, featuring a substantial $100,000 prize pool.

As a unique aspect of this collaboration, Illuvium will release Team Liquid-themed NFTs, encompassing character skins and avatars. The NFTs will be built on Immutable X, an Ethereum scaling network specifically designed for gaming.

In a blog post, the Illuvium team emphasized the significance of the collaboration beyond a mere partnership. They stated, “It’s about setting a precedent for Web3 gaming in mainstream esports. It’s about creating a world where gaming achievements translate to the real world, where every move could be the one that lands you something epic.”

Team Liquid’s exploration of crypto’s potential crossovers with competitive gaming aligns with a broader industry trend. Like other esports organizations such as TSM and M80, Team Liquid is actively venturing into the realm of Web3 games. Ross Groves, Team Liquid’s Web3 Senior Partnerships Manager, highlighted the organization’s goal to bring fans into Web3 safely and provide them with opportunities to experience innovative games.

This collaboration marks a significant stride towards the integration of esports, NFT gaming, and blockchain technology, creating new possibilities for both Team Liquid and Illuvium within the evolving landscape of competitive gaming.


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