March 28, 2024
TCG World Teams Up with Chooky Records to Introduce Busta Rhymes and More to the Metaverse
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TCG World Teams Up with Chooky Records to Introduce Busta Rhymes and More to the Metaverse

In a groundbreaking collaboration, TCG World, an online virtual community sandbox, has partnered with Chooky Records, a pioneering blockchain music label, to introduce hit music from O.T., ELESIA iiMURA, and Busta Rhymes to the metaverse.

The inaugural project of this partnership will see the official launch of the artists’ “Chooky” video within the TCG World metaverse. This animated video, as announced in a press release from TCG World, marks the first appearance of the acclaimed music content in the broader metaverse landscape.

Launched in 2021, TCG World emerged as a metaverse platform offering virtual real estate, web3 collectables, and a dynamic environment where virtually everything can be traded as a non-fungible token (NFT). Positioned as the first 4K VR low poly game and the largest on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain at its inception, TCG World has quickly established itself as a hub for immersive digital experiences.

Chooky Records, known for its innovative approach to music production and distribution, blends digital music with NFT technology to create hybrid, tokenized entertainment experiences. The label gained significant traction in 2023 with the viral success of “Chooky,” a collaborative track featuring Nigerian artist O.T. and Australian/Japanese artist ELESIA iiMURA.

Joining the lineup is Busta Rhymes, a multi-platinum recording artist whose illustrious career spans five decades. Busta Rhymes contributed vocals and likeness to the “Chooky” track, enhancing its audio visualization experience and enriching the TCG World metaverse encounter.

Despite being a newcomer to the independent music scene, Chooky Records has garnered acclaim for its innovative infrastructure. The label’s whitepaper emphasizes its commitment to empowering artists, offering them freedom from restrictive contracts and providing access to higher royalties, royalty-sharing NFTs, event management, promotion, and connections to industry-leading artists.

The partnership between TCG World and Chooky Records exemplifies the convergence of technology and entertainment, highlighting the transformative potential of blockchain and the metaverse in reshaping the music industry. As the metaverse continues to evolve as a vibrant digital ecosystem, collaborations like these pave the way for immersive, boundary-pushing experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.


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