July 21, 2024
Cryptocurrency's Role in 2024 Election
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Survey Reveals: 73% Demand Presidential Candidates Be Tech-Savvy for 2024 Election

Approximately 73% of individuals surveyed regarding cryptocurrency’s role in the 2024 United States Presidential Election believe candidates must be knowledgeable about innovative technology. The survey conducted by The Harris Poll for Grayscale Investments involved 2,090 adults, with 73% expressing either a strong or moderate agreement that a U.S. presidential candidate should possess an informed perspective on innovative technology, such as AI or crypto.

The survey, carried out online from November 27–29, highlighted the significance of understanding these technological advancements in the political sphere. Despite some candidates, like Republican Vivek Ramaswamy, emphasizing digital assets in their campaigns, the issue might not be a primary topic of debate once nominees are finalized.

As of the latest polls, potential Democratic frontrunner and current U.S. President Joe Biden could potentially face off against Republican frontrunner and former President Donald Trump, depending on legal challenges and charges against Trump. The Grayscale poll underscores the relevance of crypto in the 2024 elections, with 26% of respondents identifying inflation as the country’s most pressing issue. Notably, around 40% of individuals familiar with cryptocurrency expressed heightened interest in owning Bitcoin amidst economic challenges, whereas a similar percentage of those unfamiliar with crypto indicated decreased interest.

Grayscale noted that historical patterns show increased interest in assets like Bitcoin during times of inflation, emphasizing the need for broader education on nascent technologies like Bitcoin for greater mainstream adoption.

The upcoming New Hampshire primaries in January will serve as an initial gauge for the 2024 U.S. presidential election. These primaries are anticipated to provide insights into the eventual trajectory of the November election. Notably, the Stand With Crypto campaign organized a presidential forum in the state on Dec. 4, but only three candidates, all considered longshots for their party nominations, were in attendance.

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