July 21, 2024
Starknet's Outlook on Ethereum’s Dencun Hard Fork: Significant Impact Expected
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Starknet’s Outlook on Ethereum’s Dencun Hard Fork: Significant Impact Expected

Layer-2 scaling protocol Starknet is gearing up for a substantial boost as Ethereum’s latest hard fork, Dencun, is set to roll out on March 13. This upgrade, featuring Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4844, promises to slash costs associated with layer-2 rollups, marking a significant milestone in Ethereum’s evolution.

Starknet’s Response:

The Starknet Foundation is poised to capitalize on the Dencun upgrade by introducing additional fee-saving measures on its protocol. This move aligns with Starknet’s commitment to maximizing the benefits of lowered rollup costs, potentially doubling its impact.

EIP-4844: A Game-Changer:

At the heart of the Dencun hard fork lies EIP-4844, a groundbreaking proposal aimed at revolutionizing how Ethereum rollups handle data storage on the mainnet. By introducing blob space as an alternative to costly call data, EIP-4844 promises to make transaction processing more efficient and affordable.


Named after its proponents, proto-danksharding enables rollups to leverage data blobs, offering a cheaper alternative with equivalent security assurances. This innovation is poised to drive down operational costs for layer-2 solutions like Starknet.

Immediate Fee Reductions Expected:

Starknet developers anticipate an immediate reduction in transaction fees following the implementation of Dencun. However, stakeholders caution that the full realization of these savings may be delayed as rollups undergo governance and upgrade procedures.

Starknet’s Hard Fork Upgrade:

In anticipation of Dencun, the Starknet Foundation has announced a dedicated hard fork upgrade. Starknet version 0.13.1 will transition from the expensive call data method to the more cost-effective blob space, offering substantial fee reductions for users.

Optimistic Projections:

StarkWare product manager, Ilia Volokh, is optimistic about the immediate benefits of Dencun. Volokh expects accurate fee reduction statistics within hours of implementation, with users immediately enjoying the cost-saving benefits of blob-based transactions.

Enhanced Efficiency Through Recursive Proof Technology:

Starknet’s SHARP prover, powered by recursive proof technology, is poised to further enhance efficiency. With the introduction of a new hashing system, Starknet aims to increase transaction throughput, bolstering the protocol’s overall performance.


As Ethereum undergoes its most significant protocol upgrade since the transition to proof-of-stake consensus, Starknet stands ready to capitalize on the benefits of reduced rollup costs. With innovative solutions like blob space and enhanced proof technology, Starknet is poised to usher in a new era of scalability and affordability for Ethereum users.

Image by Peter Patel from Pixabay

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