July 16, 2024
Starknet Unveils Decentralization Roadmap: Strengthening Ethereum's Layer-2 Security
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Starknet Unveils Decentralization Roadmap: Strengthening Ethereum’s Layer-2 Security

Starknet, a prominent Ethereum layer-2 scaling network, is strategically planning to enhance the decentralization of its integral components. Marking a significant step towards increased robustness and resistance against censorship. The network’s current operation involves a dependence on StarkWare for pivotal tasks like creating L2 blocks, computing proofs and initiating layer-1 state updates on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ilia Volokh, Starknet’s product manager, emphasized the honesty of the protocol, clarifying that while StarkWare operates the network, it is unable to engage in malicious activities or invalid state transitions. This is due to Ethereum’s layer-1 serving as a filter, ensuring the integrity of the network’s operations. However, the pursuit of greater decentralization is rooted in a commitment to address intentional censorship and mitigate potential single points of failure.

One of the key considerations in Starknet’s roadmap for decentralization is the threefold approach, focusing on decentralizing block production through its consensus protocol, decentralizing the proving layer responsible for computing proofs, and decentralizing the process of L1 state updates. Each of these components plays a crucial role in ensuring the overall decentralization of the network.

Decentralizing block production has been a relatively straightforward task, leveraging the standard consensus protocol and Sybil-resistance mechanisms inherent in blockchain networks. Meanwhile, decentralizing the proving layer has required a more innovative approach. Starknet takes pride in being one of the first rollups to present a comprehensive solution in this regard, addressing a potential centralization concern present in other ZK-rollups.

Volokh acknowledged the philosophical aspect of decentralization, recognizing that those who value decentralization often do so for the enhanced security it provides. The commitment to these values aligns with Starknet’s vision for a more secure and resilient network. The network is currently in the process of outlining the testing and implementation phases for these decentralized mechanics. This will likely involve a series of interconnected testnets to validate the simultaneous functionality of different components, ensuring a seamless integration of decentralized elements into the Starknet ecosystem.

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