March 27, 2024
Starknet, zkSync: 28% Rise in Developer Activity Amid Crypto Decline
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Starknet, zkSync: 28% Rise in Developer Activity Amid Crypto Decline

According to recent data from Electric Capital, Ethereum layer-2 scaling solutions Starknet and zkSync have shown growth in their total monthly active developer counts over the past 12 months, a positive trend in contrast to Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana, which experienced decreases in their developer counts during the same period. Starknet and zkSync saw modest increases of 3% and 6%, respectively, while Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana observed declines of 23%, 43%, and 57%, respectively.

The overall trend in developer participation in the cryptocurrency space showed a decrease of 27.7%, with the total number of monthly active developers dropping from 26,701 to 19,279. In addition to Starknet and zkSync, Chainlink, Stellar, Aztec Protocol, and Ripple also saw growth in their developer counts as of October 1, although their total numbers remained lower than those of zkSync and Starknet.

StarkWare’s Starknet and Matter Labs’ zkSync are both layer 2 solutions designed to enhance Ethereum’s scalability using zero-knowledge rollups, which have gained significant attention in 2023. Starknet recently introduced “Quantum Leap,” which became operational in July. This update has the potential to boost Ethereum’s transactions per second (TPS) from the current 13-15 to a consistent 37 TPS and, in some cases, as high as 90 TPS.

Both Starknet and zkSync are actively developing zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) solutions to further enhance Ethereum’s scalability throughout 2023. zkSync, in particular, is working on creating a network of “Hyperchains” to establish an ecosystem of interoperable protocols and sovereign chains as part of its zero-knowledge technology stack. This initiative was unveiled in June, and the team aims to have a functional version of it by the end of 2023.

A notable observation from Electric Capital’s data analysis is that many of the departing active monthly developers were “newcomers” with less than one year of experience. In contrast, the numbers of “established” developers (with more than two years of experience) and “emerging” developers (with one to two years of experience) remained relatively stable over the past 12 months. This pattern reflects a cyclical trend where newcomers tend to dominate the developer market during bullish market periods but decline in numbers when cryptocurrency prices start to fall.

Electric Capital typically sources its data from code repositories and code commits on the open-source developer platform GitHub.

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