April 19, 2024
Star-Studded Spectacle: Entertainment Extravaganza Hits NFT.NYC Main Stage

Star-Studded Spectacle: Entertainment Extravaganza Hits NFT.NYC Main Stage

One of the most anticipated events at the renowned web3 conference, NFT.NYC, promises to be an engaging panel titled ‘Speaking with Extraterrestrials – NFTs in the Galaxy.’

Scheduled for 1:55 pm (ET), the panel features luminaries such as Scott Cullather from INVNT GROUP, NFT artist Micah Dowbak, Bob Richards from Artemis Space Network, and Patrick Milgram from Nifty Gateway.

Together, they aim to delve into how NFTs are revolutionizing digital ownership and opening new avenues for engagement, all within the infinite expanse of space.

Unveiling Fallen Gravity

These visionaries are set to launch attendees into uncharted galactic territories by exploring the transformative power of NFTs.

Through strategic collaborations, they will unveil an otherworldly new NFT collection known as Fallen Gravity, which epitomizes the intersection of art, technology, and cosmic exploration.

The collection, in collaboration with Mad Dog Jones and INVNT.ATOM, promises to be a groundbreaking venture, showcasing the boundless possibilities of storytelling in the modern era.

A Multifaceted Multimedia Experience

Fallen Gravity is not just an NFT collection; it’s a multimedia experience weaving together art, music, and technology.

Scott Cullather, President and CEO of INVNT GROUP and CEO of INVNT.ATOM, expresses pride in the mission, highlighting the collaborative efforts with partners like Mad Dog Jones, Artemis Music Entertainment, and Nifty Gateway.

This collaboration aims to propel the future of human possibility into exciting and uncharted frontiers by offering enthusiasts a unique opportunity to mint a piece of history and send a message to space.

Uniting Art and Astronomy

Central to the Fallen Gravity collection is ‘Unknowable Dimensions,’ which offers 500 collectors the chance to mint distinct NFTs infused with Artemis Music Entertainment’s Star Songs derived from astronomical data.

Bob Richards, Co-Founder of Artemis Music Entertainment, emphasizes the essence of the collection, stating that it celebrates the connection between art and space while honouring the legacy of the International Space Station—an unparalleled creation of humanity.

As Fallen Gravity unfolds its cosmic narrative, it joins a constellation of innovative ventures showcased at the NFT.NYC main stage.

With its unique blend of artistry, technology, and cosmic inspiration, Fallen Gravity promises to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of NFT exploration to new heights.

Image: Wallpapers.com

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