April 19, 2024
Star Atlas ATMTA Opens its Doors: Sharing Resources and Documentation on Solana Blockchain
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Star Atlas ATMTA Opens its Doors: Sharing Resources and Documentation on Solana Blockchain

The creator of Star Atlas ATMTA is granting other game developers access to its development resources and documentation on the Solana blockchain, starting with the brand-new SAGE Labs browser-based game.

A construction hub has been made available by the firm for developers who wish to peep inside Star Atlas. This hub provides free access to Star Atlas’ images, audiovisual materials, Unreal Engine tools, APIs, and mainnet program IDs and addresses.

Additional features include a brand-new player profile for personalized gaming, a tool to switch from SOL to ATLAS for Solana transactions, a system for controlling token ownership and permissions, a tool for enlisting factions that other developers may utilize, and controls over the transmission of in-game tokens like ships.

Developed on the Solana network, Star Atlas is a role-playing game (RPG) with a space exploration premise. In September 2022, ATMTA released a “showroom” sample on the Epic Games Store. A browser-based game called SAGE Labs (Star Atlas Golden Era) is connected to the greater Star Atlas world.

To build a more robust ecosystem of applications around the game, ATMTA stated that it has made its Star Atlas data openly accessible for the sake of openness and encouraging confidence among players and stakeholders.

“It’s what transforms Star Atlas from just being a set of gaming products to a development platform,” Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner stated in an interview. “You can even commercialize using those [Star Atlas] assets.”

According to Wagner, any business using the tools is not required to pay a portion of the first $1 million in gross revenue. Fees ranging from 3% to 10% apply if a business employing Star Atlas’ assets and branding starts bringing in more than $1 million in income, depending on the industry or sector the business works in.

According to a statement from ATMTA, the tools can be used to expand SAGE Labs’ capability, but they can also let artists branch out into other genres and experiences based on the same resources and features.

“This is also part of cultivating a flourishing ecosystem of people who want to build around Star Atlas,” Wagner further added. “It effectively says that here’s a repository of assets, including branding and Star Atlas imagery, that you are free to use.”

Wagner is upbeat about the debut of SAGE Labs and the Star Atlas construction platform, although he did admit that opening up such public resources might come with challenges.

“The only potential challenge is that we just get a bunch of people asking questions because they want to build something using it. Maybe they don’t completely understand it, but that’s about it,” he explained. “I think this is a win. Nevertheless, it’s people coming in requiring resources from us to help get them started.”

The Solana community has eagerly awaited Star Atlas, but there have been some setbacks along the way. In July, ATMTA downsized its workforce by 73%, citing financial constraints and market circumstances. As difficult as it was to let those folks go, Wagner said it was essential, and the Star Atlas teams’ productivity and enthusiasm had considerably increased. He feels upbeat about the direction the business is taking.

“Revenues are ticking up, and we’re seeing a lot more peer-to-peer transaction volume, which helps us with our royalty fees,” Wagner stated. “Sentiment in our community couldn’t be higher.”

Wagner added that while the Solana ecosystem is the focus of SAGE Labs’ development centre, anybody using any blockchain may gain from the knowledge and resources. He continued by saying that anyone may create their front-end user interface (UI) or even modify the gaming mechanics and release a different product using SAGE Labs.

“If they build something better, it still uses all of the Star Atlas assets; that’s how the programs are defined. And if that happens to get popular, well, then we can just focus more of our attention on Unreal Engine. We still have to build more programs.” Wagner concluded.

Image: Freepik

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