April 19, 2024
Spanish Court Confirms John McAfee's Death as Suicide, Dismissing Foul Play Accusations
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Spanish Court Confirms John McAfee’s Death as Suicide, Dismissing Foul Play Accusations

Software entrepreneur and suspected crypto thief John McAfee’s death has been formally determined by a Spanish court to be a suicide, which supports the results of an earlier autopsy and rejects his family’s accusations of foul play.

Just hours after his extradition to the US was approved in late June 2021, Spanish officials found the 75-year-old tech pioneer dead in his jail outside of Barcelona.

According to Spanish court records from July 24, “There is not a single element of suspicion, of a charge against a third party, of criminal behaviour.”

After an autopsy in 2021, McAfee’s death was earlier determined to be a suicide. His family, however, challenged this and won their appeal before the court, enabling an additional inquiry into his passing.

His passing also gave rise to several conspiracy theories, some of which cited earlier tweets to support their allegations. One of these tweets read, “Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged John McAfee and his bodyguard with fraud and money laundering for their promotion of bitcoins.

They allegedly engaged in a pump-and-dump operation, selling inflated cryptocurrency for a profit, and earned $23 million in covert ICO payments.

After McAfee passed away, someone who claimed to have over 50 terabytes of unreleased footage of him in a fugitive state decided to coin the footage as an NFT and sell it on Rarible.

In March 2021, the footage was originally advertised for 500 ETH. But by November of that year, the cost had fallen to 20 ETH, and on Christmas Eve, it was delisted.

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