May 22, 2024
Solana's 5% Drop Sparks $125M Short Liquidation Concerns
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Solana’s 5% Drop Sparks $125M Short Liquidation Concerns

Solana, a popular cryptocurrency, experienced a sudden 5% drop in value amidst concerns over a new plan by the FTX exchange. However, hopes remain high for a quick recovery, potentially wiping out $125 million in short positions.

Market Volatility and Short Positions

The recent downturn in Solana’s value coincides with a 40% decrease in open interest (OI) over the last month, down to $1.78 billion on May 9, as reported by CoinGlass data. This decline suggests traders’ uncertainty and hesitancy in taking positions on Solana’s price.

Potential for Recovery

Despite the market turbulence, Solana has a history of bouncing back swiftly from similar dips. If it recovers as it has done in recent times, it could spell trouble for short sellers, with approximately $125 million in short positions at risk of being liquidated.

Historical Recovery Trends

In the past month, Solana has witnessed instances where its price dropped by 5% only to recover within 24 hours. For example, on April 19, it experienced a similar decline before quickly bouncing back, just ahead of the Bitcoin halving.

Source: CoinGlass

Factors Influencing the Drop

The recent downturn in Solana’s price may be attributed to FTX’s announcement regarding its plans to repay victims of the exchange’s collapse. This announcement, coupled with a drop in the overall cryptocurrency market sentiment, contributed to the decline.

Competition with Ethereum

Additionally, new findings suggest that Solana is vying to overtake Ethereum in transaction fees. This news, coupled with Solana’s total economic value nearing Ethereum’s, could be seen as a positive indicator for Solana’s future price performance.

Expert Insights

CryptoAce, a prominent cryptocurrency trader, predicted Solana’s price drop just days before it occurred, further highlighting the impact of market sentiment and expert analysis on cryptocurrency movements


While Solana faces short-term challenges, its potential for rapid recovery and ongoing competition with Ethereum suggests a promising outlook for the cryptocurrency in the long run.

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