July 16, 2024
Solana Network Faces Disruption, Validators Act
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Solana Network Outage: Validators in Action to Restore Server

The Solana mainnet faces a significant challenge as block production experiences downtime, prompting a thorough investigation by both core engineers and validators. The blockchain explorer prominently displays a “major outage” message, raising concerns among users who note the deviation from Solana’s usual block production time of 400 milliseconds, with no new blocks produced for over 25 minutes.

Solana validator Stakewiz shares insights into the ongoing efforts to resolve the issue, revealing that developers are actively working on a fix and are in the process of constructing a release. Once this release is built and thoroughly tested, detailed instructions will be disseminated to validators. Concurrently, validators are proactively generating snapshots, preparing for an imminent restart of the network.

The current strategy involves restarting the Mainnet-Beta cluster using version 1.17.20, with validators standing by for final confirmation from core engineers before proceeding. These snapshots, which serve as a point-in-time representation of the global Solana state at a specific slot, are essential for ensuring consistency in the bank hash at the designated slot. Validators are diligently producing snapshots for slot 246464040, aiming to avoid any potential transaction rollbacks.

In response to the network disturbance, Solana released version v1.17.20, urging validators to promptly upgrade and restart following the instructions provided on GitHub. The ripple effect of the network outage extends to crypto exchanges, with Upbit taking preventive measures by announcing the temporary suspension of deposits and withdrawals for Solana-based tokens. Notable tokens affected include Solana’s native token SOL, GMT, Raydium (RAY), and Access Protocols (ACS).

This latest incident adds to the series of network outages Solana has faced since its launch in March 2020. Despite gaining recognition for its scalability and low transaction fees during the 2021 bull cycle, Solana has grappled with persistent network-related challenges, necessitating multiple restarts throughout its existence. The ongoing efforts to address these issues underscore the importance of maintaining the reliability and stability of blockchain networks in the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized technologies.

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