May 22, 2024
Solana Embraces Stepn for Blockchain Fitness
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Solana Embraces Stepn for Blockchain Fitness 

Solana Mobile has officially announced the inclusion of Stepn, the popular move-to-earn fitness application, in its dApp store. This step signifies a significant advancement in Solana’s quest to broaden its footprint in the mobile dApp market.

Innovative Fitness Engagement through Stepn

Stepn lets users earn rewards by walking, running, or jogging. It tracks activity via GPS and rewards with in-game currency usable in the app or on crypto platforms.

Attracting New Users with Solana’s Features

The launch of Solana Mobile’s dApp store is expected to attract a surge of new users seeking more interactive and profitable ways to stay fit. Solana’s features make it an ideal platform for dApps requiring real-time user interaction and microtransactions, making it perfect for apps like Stepn.

Gamification of Movement with Stepn

Stepn’s core concept revolves around gamifying physical activity. Users participate by purchasing or renting virtual sneakers in the app, which they can use to earn tokens for every step they take. These tokens can upgrade sneakers, join virtual events, or convert into real value, creating a compelling incentive to stay physically active.

More About Stepn: A Community Success Story

Over 55 million GMT was securely locked in our Illuvium x STEPN Raffle Mint, underscoring the community’s overwhelming enthusiasm. To reward participants, an exclusive Illuvium background was airdropped to everyone who took part. Additionally, those who joined the raffle with their FSL ID linked to MOOAR received an exclusive emote usable in the Illuvium Game, adding a unique flair to their gaming experience.


Stepn’s integration with Solana Mobile’s dApp store blends fitness and blockchain, promising a healthier, decentralized future.

Image by freepik

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