July 24, 2024
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Singapore’s Money Laundering Risks Highlighted in New Report

Singapore’s updated Money Laundering National Risk Assessment (MLNRA) reveals significant risks posed by digital payment token (DPT) service providers. The 126-page report identifies DPT providers and precious stone and metal dealers as new high-risk sectors in the country’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) landscape. This marks a notable expansion from the previous 2014 report.

Despite representing a small fraction of global DPT activities, Singapore closely monitors these risks. The report notes an increase in money laundering cases involving DPTs, highlighting various exploitation methods used by criminals.

Key insights of the MLNRA in the anti-money laundering landscape. Source: Ministry of Finance, Singapore

Banking Sector Remains High Risk

The banking sector, particularly wealth management, is identified as posing the highest money laundering risks. Banks are vulnerable due to their role in facilitating large transactions and servicing high-risk customers. Other high-risk sectors include payment institutions offering cross-border money transfer services and external asset managers.

The MLNRA report emphasizes Singapore’s key money laundering threats, which stem from cyber-enabled fraud, organized crime, corruption, tax crimes, and trade-based money laundering. Typical laundering methods involve hiding illegal funds in bank accounts, using fake companies, and investing in valuable assets.

Comprehensive Assessment and Regulatory Measures

Singapore’s MLNRA combines insights from supervisory and law enforcement agencies, the Financial Intelligence Unit, private sector entities, and foreign authorities. The report underscores the nation’s vulnerability due to its status as an international financial hub and its economic openness.

Criminals exploit Singapore’s financial and business infrastructure to launder or transfer illicit funds. The conversion of illicit funds into assets such as real estate, DPTs, or precious metals poses significant threats.

In response, the Monetary Authority of Singapore announced in April amendments to the Payment Services Act. These changes will expand the scope of regulated services related to DPT providers, aiming to strengthen the nation’s AML framework and mitigate emerging risks effectively.

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