April 19, 2024
SEC challenges Binance's claims
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SEC Challenges Binance’s Claims: Ceffu’s Connection to Binance Ecosystem Revealed

In its latest filing, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to escalate its legal battle against BAM, the holding company associated with Binance.US. The SEC’s recent assertion that Ceffu, a wallet provider, is inextricably tied to the Binance ecosystem contradicts Binance’s prior claims in court documents. This revelation intensifies the ongoing scrutiny surrounding Binance and its affiliated entities.

The SEC’s redacted filing reiterates its stance on Binance‘s request for a protective order against the ongoing investigation, emphasizing the perceived lack of merit in Binance’s arguments. The SEC vehemently urges the court to dismiss this request, positioning it as a crucial aspect of their ongoing pursuit of regulatory oversight. Binance had previously sought this protective order in the District of Columbia District Court on August 15, dismissing the SEC’s investigation as a “fishing expedition.”

In its most recent submission, the SEC didn’t mince words, characterizing Binance’s response to its June lawsuit as “a complex and deceptive situation,” highlighting the adversarial nature of the legal dispute.

Further complicating matters, the SEC’s memorandum filed on September 14 raised questions about Ceffu, hinting at its potential control over customer assets. This development underscores the SEC’s determination to unearth any potential irregularities within the Binance ecosystem, adding another layer of complexity to this ongoing legal saga.

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