March 27, 2024
Roblox Denies Integration of XRP Payments Amid False Social Media Speculation
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Roblox Denies Integration of XRP Payments Amid False Social Media Speculation

False information can spread quickly on social media, even after the source material has been removed.

Despite allegations that surfaced widely on Tuesday, Roblox has denied that it will enable XRP payments, calling any idea that players may purchase Robux to pay for in-game items with Ripple’s XRP token “inaccurate.”

The speculations got started late on Monday when payment processor BitPay tweeted that customers would soon be able to make Xsolla payments in compatible games using Ripple’s XRP coin. It also mentioned the free-to-play titles Roblox and Smite.

“Xsolla now accepts XRP with BitPay as a payment method for their games such as Smite and Roblox,” BitPay wrote in a now-deleted post. “You can use your favourite cryptocurrency to buy, play, and enjoy gaming like never before,” the post claimed.

When questioned about why the tweet was deleted, BitPay CMO Bill answered: “There was an error in the tweet. We will have more tweets about merchants accepting crypto soon. Stay tuned.”

Even after the message was taken down, however, rumours continued to circulate, leading some to believe that Roblox was “integrating” XRP into its payment options. One tweet from well-known cryptocurrency investor Scott Melker, which has had around 270,000 views as of this writing, falsely links the cryptocurrency to Roblox and further asserts that the “news” indicates an improved “legal climate” for the token.

But these statements need verification and a reliable source. Such claims, like the idea that Roblox is “teaming up” with BitPay to provide XRP to gamers, are simply untrue, according to Roblox.

“The info isn’t accurate,” a Roblox representative stated.

Another Roblox representative stated that while Xsolla is one of the company’s payment suppliers, Roblox does not support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or XRP as a payment option. “Unfortunately, we’ve seen quite a few articles on this and the info is inaccurate,” the spokesperson said. The representative added that BitPay’s tweet had been deleted because it included false information.

The only U.S. payment methods are as follows, according to a short test of the Robux in-game currency purchasing process via the Roblox website: credit card, debit card, gift card, PayPal, Venmo, Klarna, CVS Pharmacy purchases, or a Paysafecard (a form of prepaid cash card).

A representative for Xsolla stated: “We offer payment options for developers to use across their platforms. BitPay is just one of those.”

Xsolla added that the now-deleted BitPay post had nothing to do with it. On Xsolla’s website, the software company claims to have given Roblox a gift card solution in 2020. Roblox also lists Xsolla as a payment provider for credit card charges on its website. In addition, Xsolla offers payment options to a large number of other gaming businesses, like Krafton, Twitch, Epic Games, and Valve, to mention a few.


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