April 19, 2024
Republic's Blockchain Token to Reward Retail Investors
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Republic Unveils Profit-Sharing Blockchain Token for Retail Investors

Republic, a neo-investment and technology firm, is preparing to introduce a blockchain-based security token that will distribute dividends to retail investors based on the profits derived from its diverse range of investment assets. The Republic Note, a profit-sharing digital asset, is set to debut on the Avalanche blockchain.

This token will accumulate profits stemming from the Republic’s expansive investment portfolio and services. Republic boasts a substantial investor base of over three million and has allocated more than $2.6 billion across various ventures, including Web3 entities like Avalanche, DappRadar, and Dapper Labs.

Having completed a presale round, the Republic Note has garnered over $30 million from both individual and institutional investors. Dividends from this note will be disbursed in USD Coin to retail investors once the dividend pool hits a $2 million threshold.

Republic has also developed a distinctive Web3 self-custodial, cross-chain wallet designed for distributing dividends to Republic Noteholders. Unlike typical tradable digital assets in the cryptocurrency realm, these notes will be listed on specific securities exchanges within the next two to three months.

Andrew Durgee, president of Republic, emphasized the choice of Avalanche as the preferred blockchain platform, attributing it not only to the network’s robustness, scalability, and speed but also to the alignment with Ava Labs in creating more inclusive financial markets. The development of the Republic Note dates back to 2016, when its initial white paper was released. Quantstamp has subsequently audited the digital securities offering.

The anticipated price of a single Republic Note, as listed on its upcoming digital security website, is $0.36. Upon launch, there will be between 330 and 350 million Republic Notes in circulation, with a total supply cap set at 800 million.

Various players within the cryptocurrency ecosystem have introduced tokenized securities offerings to attract potential investors. In August 2023, blockchain technology firm Blockstream disclosed the launch of the Blockstream ASIC Note. This initiative enables investors to gain exposure to digital securities purchased using Bitcoin, intending to acquire ASIC mining hardware on a large scale. Blockstream’s strategy involves storing and reselling the hardware as demand for ASIC miners increases into 2024.

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