March 27, 2024
Reddit Scores Big with NFL-Themed NFT Avatars: A Game-Changer for Sports Fans

Reddit Scores Big with NFL-Themed NFT Avatars: A Game-Changer for Sports Fans

Reddit, an online discussion forum, released a big batch of NFT-backed avatars to honour the league’s 32 teams as the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs prepare to kick off the NFL season on Thursday.

According to the firm, the influx of digital assets is one of the biggest groups of collectible avatars that Reddit has ever launched. Each “Snoo” NFT costs $25 and is limited to 500 per NFL team, echoing the company’s famous alien mascot.

NFL-themed avatars may be well known to supporters of the Philadelphia Eagles or the previously mentioned Super Bowl-winning Chiefs. This is because Reddit’s most recent collection comes after a free set that was distributed in conjunction with the league’s final game in February.

On game day, the internet message board is renowned for hosting lively chats, notably in groups like r/NFL or r/NFCEastMemeWar. As electronic lines are drawn, the artifacts might offer fans a fresh option to support their teams in related comment areas.

According to Reddit’s shop website, the New England Patriots seem to be the most prevalent NFL club and collectable since the time of publication, with 41 of 500 NFT avatars solid, trailed by the Chiefs and Eagles. To represent the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers, just five of each have been purchased.

Last summer, Reddit entered the world of NFTs, choosing Polygon as their network of choice. Polygon is an Ethereum scaling network built on more affordable and rapid transactions for big projects and mints.

According to a dashboard on the cryptocurrency analytics platform Dune, Reddit has expanded upon that initial attempt with several additional collections, and 22 million collectable avatars have so far been created among 18 million individual holders.

Surveys have shown a correlation between sports enthusiasts and digital assets, and one at Seton Hall University last year revealed that these fans are twice as likely to hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, or NFTs.

The Vault, an online wallet that was built into the Reddit mobile app and launched last summer, houses a user’s digital valuables. Other crypto elements on the site are stored there, such as community-specific currencies.

Image: Freepik

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