April 19, 2024
Realm of Historia Unveils Blockchain-Powered Armenian Heritage Preservation
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Realm of Historia Unveils Blockchain-Powered Armenian Heritage Preservation

The Realm of Historia project has unveiled its ambitious plan to safeguard Armenian cultural heritage by harnessing the power of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Breaking away from traditional preservation methods, this initiative aims to digitize historical artifacts and physical sites, commencing with the launch of the Realm of Historia: Carahunge X digital asset collection.

The foundation of Realm of Historia’s endeavour lies in the efficiency and transparency offered by the Solana blockchain. The choice of blockchain technology is driven by a commitment to addressing the lack of engaging and transparent platforms for the digital presentation of cultural heritage and philanthropic participation.

Dmitry Krylov, one of the project’s developers, highlighted the role of blockchain in providing a solution for the transparency gap. He emphasized, “This is the part of technology to solve this problem.”

The inaugural collection, Realm of Historia: Carahunge X, seeks to digitize the tangible essence of the Carahunge site, often referred to as the Stonehenge of Armenia, with origins dating back to 5487 BC. Each NFT in the collection blends art with digital renditions of the stones from the physical site.

Beyond digitizing cultural heritage, the project has a broader mission to support local artists in Armenia. Collaborations with the Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation, A1 Art Space, and Latitude Art Space underscore the commitment to empowering the local artistic community.

The founders envision the project as a catalyst for bridging cultural divides and showcasing Armenia’s cultural richness through emerging technology. They emphasize real-life impact, with a physical-digital aspect involving QR codes accompanying each NFT. These QR codes can be scanned and redeemed in local cafes, museums, and other partnered sites in Armenia, fostering community engagement.

The initiative aligns with the global trend recognizing blockchain’s potential in preserving cultural heritage. The transparent and decentralized nature of blockchain ensures a reliable record of historical assets, preserving their accessibility for future generations.

The project’s plans include the creation of “The Atrium” or a “virtual museum hall,” a 3D space dedicated to cultural heritage and the represented sites. Described as a “digital ark for cultural heritage,” The Atrium aims to captivate the younger generation’s attention.

Looking ahead, the Realm of Historia founders express their aspiration to extend their efforts beyond Armenia, with discussions underway for potential preservation projects in locations such as Malta, Italy, Cambodia, and Georgia. Their ultimate goal is to establish collections globally, preserving cultural heritage “everywhere we can all over the world.”

Image: Wallpapers.com

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