May 23, 2024
Puffer Finance Raises $18M in Series A for Ethereum Liquid Staking Protocol
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Puffer Finance Raises $18M in Series A for Ethereum Liquid Staking Protocol

Puffer Finance, a liquid staking project leveraging the Ethereum restaking protocol Eigenlayer, has successfully closed an $18 million Series A funding round to propel its mainnet launch. The project has achieved remarkable growth, with its Total Value Locked (TVL) surpassing $1 billion within just one month of its testnet debut.

Funding Round Details

Led by Brevan Howard Digital and Electric Capital, the Series A round saw significant participation from prominent investors including Coinbase Ventures, Kraken Ventures, and Lemniscap, among others. The strategic backing from industry giants underscores the growing confidence in Puffer Finance’s innovative approach to liquid staking on Ethereum.

Impressive Growth

Puffer Finance’s journey to success began with its early test phase in February, during which it swiftly eclipsed a TVL of $1.2 billion, as per data from DefiLlama. This rapid ascent reflects the burgeoning demand for liquid staking solutions within the Ethereum ecosystem. To date, the project has raised a total of $23.5 million in venture capital funding, cementing its position as a frontrunner in the space.

Source: DefiLlama

Strategic Partnerships

In a move to further solidify its foothold in the Liquid Restaking ecosystem, Puffer Finance secured a strategic investment from Binance Labs. This partnership underscores the project’s commitment to advancing technological innovation alongside its mainnet rollout.

Revolutionary Technology

Puffer Finance’s cutting-edge technology enables Ethereum validators to drastically reduce their capital requirement to just 1 Ether, down from the previous 32 ETH threshold for individual stakers. Moreover, participants staking Ether via Puffer receive Puffer liquid restaking tokens (nLRTs), enabling them to concurrently farm yields in other decentralized finance protocols while earning Ethereum staking rewards. This innovative approach has the potential to democratize participation in Ethereum staking and unlock new opportunities for users.

Industry Impact

The concept of liquid staking, pioneered by projects like Puffer Finance, has gained traction within the blockchain space. While traditionally associated with blockchains like Cosmos, liquid staking has recently made inroads into Ethereum following the network’s transition to proof-of-stake through the Merge upgrade. Amir Forouzani, core contributor at Puffer Labs, emphasized the project’s goal of reducing barriers for home validators while delivering a state-of-the-art liquid restaking protocol.

Market Dynamics

EigenLayer, the underlying protocol powering Puffer Finance, has witnessed remarkable growth, surpassing decentralized finance lending giant Aave in TVL. With over 107,900 unique depositors, EigenLayer boasts a significant presence in the DeFi landscape. Liquid staking protocols, currently the largest DeFi protocol category, command nearly $55 billion in locked value across approximately 160 protocols. Lido, the largest protocol by locked value at $35 billion, remains a key player in driving this growth trajectory.


Puffer Finance’s successful Series A funding round marks a significant milestone in its journey to revolutionize liquid staking on Ethereum. With strong investor backing, innovative technology, and strategic partnerships, the project is poised to reshape the landscape of decentralized finance and empower users worldwide.

Image by Miloslav Hamřík from Pixabay

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