April 19, 2024
Public Consultation Launched in the UK to Evaluate Proposed Ban on Cold Calls Based on Crypto
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Public Consultation Launched in the UK to Evaluate Proposed Ban on Cold Calls Based on Crypto

As the British government considers imposing a ban on cold calls promoting financial products to combat fraud, a new public consultation has been launched to assess the potential impact of such a ban on individuals and businesses. This 19-question consultation, started this month and running until September 27, aims to explore the most effective way to design and enforce the ban.

The UK government has highlighted various instances of fraud involving financial losses for consumers and investors, including cases related to cryptocurrencies. One example cited in the consultation outlines how a cold call led an individual to invest £65,000 ($82,000) after initially being pitched a £250 ($315) investment, following which the cold caller disappeared.

“We want the public to know that any unsolicited call marketing financial products such as a crypto asset or insurance is a scam, and not to fall prey to fraudsters,” British Economic Secretary to the Treasury Andrew Griffith wrote.

Cold calling involves unsolicited calls made by individuals or businesses to potential investors or consumers to offer products or services. Government research reveals that more than half of British landlines have received suspicious calls in the past year. While exact figures for cold call-related fraud are not available, the total estimated losses to fraud in the UK amount to approximately £6.8 billion ($8.6 billion).

The questionnaire aims to assess the potential impact of the proposed blanket ban on both consumers and businesses. “Are you aware of any groups of businesses, organizations, and/or individuals that will be particularly affected by these proposals?” reads one of the questions.

The consultation paper sparked discussions on Reddit, with the majority of comments expressing support for a complete ban, especially concerning crypto investments.

This consultation is part of the ongoing efforts to regulate the cryptocurrency sector in the United Kingdom. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has been actively working to enhance consumer protection and establish clear regulations for digital asset companies.

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