May 29, 2024
Dean Phillips Advocates Crypto Regulation Amidst Presidential Race
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Presidential Contender Phillips Urges Government Action on Digital Assets

Dean Phillips, a contender for the Democratic nomination in the 2024 presidential race against Joe Biden, emphasized the lack of understanding of digital assets among the majority of Congress members. Phillips, while acknowledging his limited expertise in financial technology and cryptocurrency, criticized both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump for their stances on these matters. He expressed his concern that the current frontrunners for the presidency, regardless of political affiliation, are ill-equipped to grasp, prepare for, and guide the nation in the realm of crypto due to their age and life stages.

During the Crypto Presidential Forum in New Hampshire on December 11, Phillips highlighted the necessity for the government to simultaneously consider regulating digital assets while recognizing their potential positive transformative impact. He clarified his stance, stating that he had never invested in digital assets like Bitcoin or NFTs and would only consider such investments through a blind trust, mindful of potential conflicts of interest as a lawmaker.

He also brought attention to the lax consequences faced by lawmakers who delay disclosing their investments, including those involving digital currency. Despite the discussion at the forum, all the candidates, including Phillips, trailed significantly behind President Biden and Trump in various polls at the time of reporting.

While critiquing the governmental approach to crypto, Phillips pointed out the obstruction within Congress preventing bills like the FIT21 Act from progressing into law. He attributed this stagnation to potential government shutdowns and delays in House proceedings regarding the selection of a new Speaker, causing vital bills to remain unaddressed.

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