April 19, 2024
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Paris Hilton’s Roblox Experience Draws 3.2 Million Users

Media icon Paris Hilton continues to make waves in the metaverse as her latest Roblox venture, “Slivingland,” attracts over 3.2 million users since its launch in August 2023. A joint report by Hilton’s 11:11 Media and metaverse research entity GEEIQ reveals that this surge in engagement equates to the impact of a staggering $60 million traditional advertising campaign.

Roblox, with over 71 million daily users as of Q4 2023, proves to be a profitable platform for Hilton’s digital efforts. The platform’s annual revenue in 2023 was $2,799.3 million, a significant 26% rise over the previous year. Slivingland’s astounding ad equivalency, accounting for almost 2.6% of Roblox’s total earned media in 2023, demonstrates the strong synergy between inventive marketing methods and virtual entertainment.

Fashion and Self-Expression Take Center Stage

Designed as an evergreen entertainment hub for Paris Hilton enthusiasts worldwide, Slivingland offers a dynamic fusion of fashion and self-expression. The report underscores the significance of avatar customization within Roblox’s ecosystem, which mirrors Hilton’s commitment to fostering community engagement and creativity.

Robux Transactions and Revenue Dynamics

During a two-month period at the close of 2023, Slivingland witnessed the sale of “nearly half a million” emotes priced at 100 Robux each. While the revenue split between Hilton and Roblox remains undisclosed, the robust transactional activity underscores the viability of virtual goods commerce within the metaverse.

Continued Innovation and Investment

Paris Hilton’s foray into the metaverse extends beyond Roblox, with previous ventures such as “Paris World” and the romance-themed metaverse “Parisland” showcasing her multifaceted engagement with digital platforms. Hilton’s strategic investments, including participation in a $54 million fundraise for Story Protocol, underscore her enduring commitment to pioneering the future of digital entertainment and ownership.

As Hilton aptly stated in a recent interview with CNN, her immersion in the metaverse reflects a longstanding passion for technology and innovation, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the realm of digital culture.

Image from Deviant Art

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