May 30, 2024
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Ozone enabling a new era for 3D worlds with Web2 and Web3 ecommerce, OZONE token goes live today

The Ozone Project has announced the highly-anticipated launch of its OZONE token. This platform token is a new digital asset set to revolutionize how utility is created using Web3 and set a new standard of utility and integration. The token is scheduled to begin trading on two leading cryptocurrency exchanges, MEXC as of today and Bitmart shortly thereafter, with the exchange listings to be expanded in August 2023 and throughout fall and winter. The list of upcoming exchanges on the roadmap include OKX, Binance, Kucoin and progressively all main exchanges globally.

The OZONE token sets itself apart from other digital assets by boasting an impressive liquidity pool of over $1 million, a testament to the unwavering support and confidence from its partners, market maker GSR, and both the MEXC and BitMart exchanges. This robust liquidity ensures that users can access and utilize the token with ease, while fostering a vibrant and active ecosystem for the Ozone Project.

Designed to be one of the flagships of the Ozone Project’s ecosystem, the OZONE token unlocks a wide array of utilities and perks for Web3 platform users. From virtual world experiences to ecommerce opportunities, the token acts as a gateway to an exciting and dynamic digital landscape, fostering unparalleled engagement and empowerment for its community.

“We are thrilled to introduce the OZONE token to the world, marking a groundbreaking milestone in the evolution of virtual experiences, ecommerce and AI enablement,” said Jay Essadki, CEO and co-founder of the Ozone Project. “The substantial liquidity provided by our valued partners, GSR, MEXC and BitMart, exemplifies the industry belief in the project’s potential and their dedication to driving innovation within the crypto space.”

The Ozone Project has redefined the way immersive 3D experiences and interactive stories are built using the proprietary OZONE 3D graphics engine and groundbreaking cloud infrastructure.

Ozone enables brands, enterprises and individuals to build and monetize immersive 3D worlds in minutes, all in the browser.

This is a revolution to 3D workflows that delivers the world’s first reliable immersive 3D ecommerce opportunity that actually works at scale, being fully interoperable, requiring no download, and providing both Web2 and Web3 solutions.

Media and entertainment expert Eunice Quezon recently highlighted the tremendous potential of OZONE in her most recent LinkedIn post.

The platform functionality is completed and can be tried out today on the Ozone website. Additionally, the Ozone YouTube channel showcases lots of great technology and platform features.

“The Ozone team and project is truly one of a kind. The level of technology and utility this project brings to the 3D industry, Web3 ecosystem and the internet at large is unprecedented. We were delighted to be one of the first seed investors and look forward to the bright future Ozone is destined to have,” said Neil Rankin, partner at Net-Zero Capital, one of the first Web3 VCs that invested in OZONE.

By leveraging the OZONE token, users gain exclusive access to a host of features, rewards and benefits, which will continue to expand over time, including AI-powered Digital Agents and other AI solutions for the Metaverse that can be unlocked using the OZONE token.


Ozone has an ever-expanding network of global partners. Capital, community and technology partners are circling the Ozone platform to form an interoperable ecosystem.

Notably, Ozone has integrated the Flow blockchain and Binance Smart Chain, along with supporting over 12 blockchains. All will be made interoperable and seamlessly exchangeable with the strategic partnership and technology integration Ozone is striking with Supra Oracles, which will provide a source of truth for the cross-chain economy.

Notable features and utilities of the OZONE token include:

  • Software utility — the token unlocks tons of utility. It is the primary medium of exchange within the Ozone Project, enabling users to transact effortlessly within the marketplaces and virtual worlds, and among each other, building a peer-to-peer economy. Users can enable their shopify store in 3D, create Ai-driven avatars and much more using the OZONE token.
  • Ecommerce solutions — OZONE token holders will enjoy special discounts, rewards, and access to unique products and services within the Ozone project’s ecommerce marketplaces.
  • Community governance — token holders will have the power to participate in community governance, collectively shaping the future of the Ozone project through voting and proposals.
  • Exclusive NFTs — rare and limited-edition nonfungible tokens (NFTs) will be exclusively available to OZONE token holders, adding value and uniqueness to their digital collections.
  • Loyalty and staking rewards — active participants on the platform will be rewarded with loyalty incentives, promoting a thriving and engaged community.

As the OZONE token prepares to embark on its trading journey on MEXC and BitMart, the Ozone Project remains committed to continuous development, adding new features and functionalities to enhance the overall user experience. Moreover, the project aims to forge strategic partnerships and collaborations to strengthen the token’s utility and drive further adoption.

The Ozone Project is inviting enthusiasts, investors and the crypto community at large to participate in the upcoming OZONE token trading launch, and be part of this exciting new chapter in virtual world innovation.

For more information and updates on the Ozone project and OZONE token, visit the website.

About the Ozone Project

The Ozone Project is a trailblazing initiative that seeks to create a cutting-edge virtual world, redefining the realms of ecommerce and community engagement. With a dedicated team of tech visionaries and industry experts, the Ozone project aims to bring forth a revolutionary platform that empowers users to explore, create, share and earn using immersive 3D virtual environments.

For business, investment or partnership inquiries, send an email.

Image: @Ozonemetaverse/ Twitter

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