June 24, 2024
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Overlai Launches Groundbreaking Content Protection Platform

Overlai, an industry leader dedicated to safeguarding digital property and intellectual rights, has introduced its beta mobile application and Adobe plugin on the cutting-edge Aptos blockchain. This accomplishment represents a major advancement in the field of content protection.

Invisible Watermark Technology Ensures Immutable Ownership

Central to Overlai’s solution is its utilization of invisible watermark technology. By embedding metadata with imperceptible watermarks, Overlai ensures a trail of ownership that is irrefutable and immune to tampering. These ownership records are then securely stored on the Aptos blockchain, providing an unalterable ledger of ownership.

Empowering Content Creators

Luke Neumann, co-founder, and CEO of Overlai, expressed the platform’s commitment to establishing a new standard for copyright protection in the digital age. Neumann highlighted the partnership with Aptos as instrumental, leveraging blockchain technology to safeguard the future of online content.

Content Protection by Combatting AI Scraping

A core mission of Overlai is shielding artists and creators from AI scraping, a process where intelligent algorithms scour the internet, utilizing media for AI training without consent. Neumann emphasized Overlai’s decentralized infrastructure, granting creators control over AI training participation.

Enhanced Protection against AI Scraping

Moreover, Overlai’s products offer comprehensive protection of content against AI scraping by issuing a “do not train” C2PA manifest. This feature serves as an ever-present shield, deterring AI scraping bots from using protected media for training or content generation.

Commitment to Content Creators

Avery Ching, Chief Technology Officer at Aptos Labs, echoed Neumann’s sentiments, underlining the importance of safeguarding content creators. Ching emphasized the need to empower creators, ensuring they retain ownership and control over their assets in an increasingly digital landscape.

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