May 29, 2024
OpenAI Shuts Down GPT 4.5 Rumors: No Release in Sight

OpenAI Shuts Down GPT 4.5 Rumors: No Release in Sight

In recent social media chatter, a purported “leaked” screenshot indicating the arrival of OpenAI’s GPT 4.5 stirred up speculation, but OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has firmly denied any imminent release. The screenshot, which made rounds on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, detailed GPT 4.5 as OpenAI’s “most advanced model” with multi-model capabilities spanning language, audio, vision, video, and 3D, alongside complex reasoning and cross-model understanding.

However, doubts quickly emerged about the authenticity of the leak. A Reddit thread, potentially the source of the “leak,” was removed by moderators amid accusations of being a hoax. Abacus.AI CEO Bindu Reddy, who initially shared the screenshot, later expressed scepticism, noting several inaccuracies within the leaked information.

In response to the speculation, Altman confirmed the leak was not legitimate. The confusion led to debates about OpenAI’s potential release strategy, with uncertainties arising over whether the company will introduce GPT-4.5 or leap directly to GPT-5. GPT-4 was released on March 14, 2023, as the successor to GPT-3, which debuted in June 2020. The transition from GPT-3 to GPT-3.5 took two years, culminating in the March 2022 release.

Despite the GPT 4.5 controversy, OpenAI has been actively developing GPT-5. In July, the company filed a trademark application for GPT5, encompassing software for AI-based human speech and text, audio-to-text conversion, and voice and speech recognition. In a November interview with the Financial Times, Altman acknowledged ongoing efforts to develop GPT-5 but refrained from committing to a specific timeline for its release.

As the AI community eagerly anticipates OpenAI’s next milestone, the recent leak debacle highlights the challenges in navigating the fine line between speculation and reliable information in the dynamic landscape of advanced language models.


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