March 27, 2024
OpenAI Quietly Enhances GPT-4 Turbo for 2023

OpenAI Quietly Enhances GPT-4 Turbo for 2023

OpenAI, the developer of artificial intelligence (AI), has discreetly updated the training data set for its most advanced model, GPT-4 Turbo, making it relevant up until December 2023, as per documentation on its website. While the update wasn’t widely announced, it positions GPT-4 Turbo as the most up-to-date model offered by OpenAI, surpassing its free model, GPT 3.5, which is equipped with data relevant only up until January 2022.

The purpose of this update, according to the site, is to reduce what developers term “laziness” in a model, where it may not complete tasks as requested. The update aligns with OpenAI’s previous announcement during its DevDay in November, where it mentioned that GPT-4 Turbo would be informed about current events until April 2023. With this latest update, the model now boasts an additional eight months of data and information.

While the website indicates updated data until December 2023, there have been user observations on the OpenAI developer forum questioning the legitimacy of the update. Some users reported that their previews did not appear to be updated to December 2023, returning test prompts with answers referring to the previous update timeframe of “as of April 2023.”

However, other users have reported positive results, with models acknowledging information updated from December 2023. This recent enhancement to OpenAI’s most advanced model follows closely on the heels of the introduction of its advanced text-to-video model, Sora. Described as capable of generating movie-like scenes with multiple characters, specific motions, subjects, and background details in up to 1080p resolution, Sora has garnered attention for its realistic outputs.

However, OpenAI notes that the model is not yet ready for public release. In a notable financial development, a report in The New York Times on Feb. 17 revealed that OpenAI’s valuation has surged to $80 billion in its latest deal. The company is currently engaged in discussions with investors worldwide, as well as international governments, to raise funds to develop AI chips in-house. This underlines the significant interest and investment in OpenAI’s advancements in the field of artificial intelligence.

Image by MOMO36H10 HH from Pixabay

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