March 27, 2024
OpenAI Forms 'Preparedness Team' For AI

OpenAI Forms ‘Preparedness Team’ For AI

OpenAI has introduced its “Preparedness Framework” to address “catastrophic risks” in developing advanced AI systems. The framework includes a specialized team, the “Preparedness team,” serving as a link between safety and policy teams within OpenAI.

This internal checks-and-balances system aims to assess and mitigate potential risks posed by increasingly powerful AI models, ensuring deployment only when deemed safe.

The new approach involves the advisory team reviewing safety reports, and forwarding them to company executives and the OpenAI board. Although executives hold decision-making authority, the framework empowers the board to overturn safety decisions.

This development follows OpenAI’s recent organizational changes in November, marked by the abrupt dismissal and subsequent reinstatement of Sam Altman as CEO. Altman’s return coincided with the announcement of a new board, featuring Bret Taylor as chair, along with Larry Summers and Adam D’Angelo.

OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT to the public in November 2022, sparking heightened interest in AI alongside growing concerns about potential societal risks. In July, leading AI developers, including OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Anthropic, established the Frontier Model Forum to oversee self-regulation in responsible AI creation.

In October, U.S. President Joe Biden issued an executive order outlining AI safety standards for companies developing advanced models. Before this order, key AI developers, including OpenAI, participated in discussions at the White House, committing to the development of safe and transparent AI models.

The Preparedness Framework reflects OpenAI’s commitment to responsibly navigating the landscape of advanced AI, emphasizing safety protocols and collaboration between internal teams and external oversight bodies.

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